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Committee Name: Culture, Diversity, and International Education
Meeting Date: 1/27/2022 12:00:00 AM
Zebia Christian, Charles Poff, Evora Baker, Lee Tookes, Jill Markwood, Lana Velez, Chris Bryant, Chloe Perez, and Yalitza Figueroa
Jessica Coco, Layia Perry, Faith Fielder, and Priscilla Liggon 
Zebia proposed that we combine the flutist and the Art Walk together to make a big event to get people on campus. Everyone agreed. 

Nadine Greene-Hicks, Community Connections Coordinator at CVCC, was invited as guest speaker for a meet and greet and to see how we can help her with her work. She stated she need help at the events going on in the next few weeks: 

  1. The Jubilee Center- 400 bags of grocery to give out to community. 200 at MLK Walk and 200 at Center 

  1. Needs volunteers to pack the bags for the event on Feb 19th. Need volunteers to pack on the 18th at 12pm but is flexible dependent upon when people are available. Will be packing in the student center. 

  1. Doing more of these events because there is a lot of money to spend. Doing until June. 

  1. Budgeting Workshop next week for students, staff, and faculty. In person only in the Student Center. Might be a Zoom option. 

  1. BIDA Site (Income Tax) help. Volunteers become certified tax help. Runs Feb 7th to Mar 31st.  

Zebia stated that we needed to have something happen with activities for students before the end of the semester. There was a faculty member who approached her asking what the plan was for this year’s activities.  

People were in a team meeting and not in the zoom meeting. There was a confusion as to where we were meeting.  

Lee Tookes, Student Activities Coordinator, is a permanent member on the committee and shared what is going on in Student Activities. Introduced himself and what Student Activities oversee. Event coming up: 

  1. MLK Walk Lazy Foundation Feb 18th. It is a half mile walk on memorial to the circle. In the circle there will be games and fun stuff going on during the event.  

  1. Student picnic is on hold at this time because of COVID numbers. 

Zebia stated that David Mcgee brought to her awareness of videos that we can play in the auditorium that contains information in regard to Culture and Diversity. Zebia has the Black History Month videos. David stated that they used to play the videos in the Auditorium for everyone before COVID when he was on the committee. Would we be open to doing this free event again? Members seemed to agree.  

Yalitza suggested we have IT put information about different religious and cultures on monitors throughout campus. The information can be timed so that it is relevant to events/celebration of that culture with the goal to cultivate community and diversity on campus. Everyone agreed with making this happen. 

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