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October 8, 2014
The Curriculum and Instruction Policy Committee met on Wednesday, October 8, 2014, at 3 p.m. in the President’s Conference Room.  In attendance were Jim Atkinson, Ava Connelly, Kimberly French, Judy Graves, Jeff Laub, Jim Lemons, Cynthia Lofaso, Muriel Mickles, Charles Poff, Will Sandidge, and Ernie Wade.  Absent were Lynn Dillard, Ruth Hedrick, and Kris Ogden.
Brent Lester called the meeting to order.  Brent stated that the minutes from the June 5, 2014, meeting were approved in June via e-mail.
Emergency Medical Services—Intermediate Career Studies Certificate, Emergency Medical Services Fire Science Specialization, Emergency Medical Services Paramedic Specialization 
Jim Lemons presented the three programs collectively since the proposed change is the same for all three.  The EMS Peer Group for the VCCS made a state-wide change to the program.  EMS 152 (2 credits) and EMS 154 (2 credits) are replacing EMS 155 (4 credits).  The total credits will remain the same.  Will Sandidge recommended that the wording of the footnote regarding the Science elective be clarified.  “An Anatomy and Physiology course is strongly recommended” will be changed to read “BIO 141 is strongly recommended” in the second footnote.
Judy Graves made a motion to approve the proposed changes to the three programs, with modifications to the Science Elective footnote.  Jeff Laub seconded the motion.  The committee unanimously approved the changes.
Pharmacy Technology Career Studies Certificate
Jim Lemons stated that the Pharmacy Technology Curriculum Advisory Committee recommended that more emphasis be placed on medical terminology in the program.  The committee felt that this would benefit the students when taking their Pharmacy boards. The coursework in HLT 143 (3 credits) develops more complex skills and a deeper understanding of medical terms than can be accomplished in the two-credit HLT 141 course. 
Jeff Laub made a motion to approve the proposed change.  Muriel Mickles seconded the motion.  The committee unanimously approved the change.
Radiologic Technology A.A.S. Degree
Jim Lemons presented the changes to the Radiologic Technology program. Dr. Capps recently signed an articulation agreement for this program to transfer to the University of Virginia.  In order for this program to transfer, HLT 141 (2 credits) must be replaced with HLT 143 (3 credits).  RAD 290 Coordinated Internship will be reduced from 4 credits to 3 credits.  The social science elective in the second year was moved to the summer semester in order to balance student workload.  The total number of credit hours in the curriculum will not change. 
Muriel Mickles made a motion to approve the proposed changes.  Judy Graves seconded the motion.  The committee unanimously approve the changes.
Prerequisite Changes
Muriel Mickles presented a recommendation to change the wording of the catalog prerequisite statement for general education courses.  The catalog currently lists Co or Prerequisite:  ENG 111.  The proposed wording for the general education course prerequisite is:  A placement recommendation for ENG 111 or successful completion of all required developmental English courses.  This change would allow students who have demonstrated college-level reading and writing skills through placement testing to enroll in a Sociology, History, Psychology, or other general education courses without being required to enroll in or complete the ENG 111 class. Cynthia Lofaso asked if students enrolled in the combined ENF 3/ENG 111 classes would be able to enroll in these courses.  Muriel stated that they will be able to enroll.  Counselors meet with students in these courses and make enrollment recommendations.
Judy Graves made a motion to approve the recommended change.  Kimberly French seconded the motion.  The committee unanimously approve the change.
The meeting was adjourned at 3:50 p.m.
 Submitted by Ava Connelly
EMS Paramedic Oct 2014 Proposed.docx
EMS Fire Science Spec Oct 2014 Proposed.docx
EMS Intermediate Oct 2014 Proposed.doc
RAD AAS Degree Proposal October 2014.doc
Pharmacy Tech Proposed Oct 2014.doc
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