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April 19, 2016
A called meeting of the Curriculum and Instruction Policy Committee was held on April 19, 2016, at 3 p.m. in the President’s Conference Room.  In attendance were Peter Dorman, Michael Fariss, Kimberly French, Ruth Hedrick, Jeff Laub, Jim Lemons, Brent Lester, Muriel Mickles, Kris Ogden, and Ernie Wade.
Energy Technology Career Studies Certificate
Jeff Laub presented a change to the Energy Technology Career Studies Certificate. A recent grant was awarded to CVCC to begin a solar energy class. ENE 100 is being added to allow students an opportunity to investigate both conventional and alternate energy. The prerequisite of ELE 100 for ENE 100 is added to align with the existing curriculum.  The program will be financial aid eligible. Jim Lemons made a motion to approve the curriculum change. Muriel Mickles seconded the motion. The motion was approve unanimously.
Commercial Indoor Farming Career Studies Certificate
Muriel Mickles discussed issues that were raised regarding the Commercial Indoor Farming Career Studies Certificate which was approved at the April 12 Curriculum and Instruction Policy Committee meeting.  Muriel asked Kris Ogden to review some of the reservations regarding the curriculum.  Kris started by saying that she recommended that the committee reconsider the approval of the curriculum based on some of the information that was reviewed following the last meeting.  In that meeting, a signed agreement was discussed.  Kris brought a copy of the agreement and distributed it to the committee. It states in the agreement that it is for a Business Management Career Studies Certificate with courses in Business Management and Horticulture that will enable students to use acquired useful knowledge relating to starting and operating an indoor farm.  She talked with Jim Lemons and, although he was not aware that the agreement had been signed, he had agreed to substitution two Horticulture courses in the Business Management Career Studies Certificate for these students in order to meet the requirement.  Based on that information, we have complied with the agreement that Dr. Capps signed.  There are a total of 10 students across both semesters.  They are in the Management Associate of Applied Science program – not the Business Management Career Studies Certificate. The students would need to be surveyed to know their intent.  Kris does not think that this is a viable program.  Jeff provided a copy of a grant that was submitted for the expansion of the program.  The grant has not been awarded.  In order to move forward with the program, Kris states that the grand would need to be awarded and then there would be research to see if there is a need for the program.
There was discussion regarding the possibility of offering a 6-credit internship for the students currently in the program.  It was noted that the internship is not part of an approved program at this time.  Muriel stated that the college offers course now that are not part of an approved program (FIN 107 is an example).  Jeff indicated that the students would not be able to afford a 6-credit-hour course. Other sources of funding were discussed.
Muriel recommended that the Commercial Indoor Farming Career Studies Certificate be tabled until we get more information based on viability, interest, and gainful employment and anticipation of the grant being funded.  Once information has been obtained, the committee will meet to discuss options.  In the meantime, a stand-alone internship class will be offered for the students currently in the program, and a survey will be sent to them to determine their intent.
Brent asked for a motion to approve Muriel’s recommendation. Kris Ogden made a motion to approve.  The motion was approved with a majority vote.
The meeting was adjourned.
Submitted by Ava Connelly
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