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Curriculum and Instruction Policy Committee Meeting
January 11, 2017
 Those attending included Dr. Jim Lemons, Patti Saffioti, Kris Ogden, Dr. Cindy Wallin, Ava Connelly, Mike Farris, Matthew Poteat, Dr. Muriel Mickles, and Amy McIvor. 
The purpose of this meeting was for the approval of new certificate program in the health sciences area which also creates a pathway to the General Studies Program. 
The new curriculum combines two Career Studies Certificates that are already in the current catalog on page 60:  Health Technology/Pre-Nursing I Career Studies Certificate and Health Technology/Pre-Nursing II. 
The primary customers of these certificates are The Centra College of Nursing and Liberty University School of Nursing. The Centra College of Nursing students will not take PSY 200, but will take PSY 230.   Centra College of Nursing and Liberty University will have different pathways.  High school students will have choices of the classes they take depending on the college of choice.  If a high school student chooses Liberty, they will take two government classes. 
This is a generally structured program and not specific to any one school. Their Psychology and Sociology classes will be specific to the school of nursing they wish to transfer to.   
The committee approved the changes.
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