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Curriculum and Instruction Policy Committee Meeting
October 12, 2017
Those attending the meeting included Dr. Jim Lemons, Brent Lester, Ava Connelly, Dr. Cindy Wallin, Dr. Peter Dorman, Patty Saffioti, and Amy McIvor.
Approval of previous meeting’s minutes – A correction will be made to change the committee meeting title.
Fire & EMS Academic Pathway – Dr. Lemons
This is for informational purposes only as it has been previously approved.  This Career Studies Certificate is not eligible for financial aid, but it does feed into the Fire Science AS curriculum. 
Approved and seconded.
Health Science Fundamentals – Dr. Lemons
This is a slight deviation from the Biotechnology career studies certificate.  The only change is that MEC 140 (Introduction to Mechatronics) is being replaced with PSY 200 (Principles of Psychology) or PSY 230 (Developmental Psychology) depending on the transfer institution.  This also is a stackable pathway to the General Studies Pathway. 
This will only be offered to STEM Academy studies currently, but may be expanded in the future.  This is intended for STEM students that desire employment in a health-related field.
The order of the math classes was questioned as MTH 261 is taken before MTH 162, which is the opposite of the normal offering order.  It was suggested to possibly address the order of the math in the future, as well as possibly adding a statistics course.  These items will possibly be discussed with Susan Cash of the STEM Academy at a later date.
It was mentioned that MTH 161 is possibly a hidden prerequisite, although it was pointed out the students get this knowledge in the Engineering Fundamentals class. 
This Health Science Fundamentals Pathway was presented to the Health Sciences Curriculum Advisory Committee and the STEM board, and both approved this pathway.
Approved and seconded.
Introduction to Hospitality Management Academic Pathway
These are 10-week classes.  This program is being run through The Road to Success in Virginia Program, or RSVP, as credit classes.  Students will be able to earn 7 credentials that are valuable in the food-service industry. 
There was a local focus group meeting in September that Dr. Lemons attended and there were a lot of local business represented that were eager to hire these students.  Liberty University was there and they stated they represent the largest food service operation in the country, and they have 50 openings.  They also offered all students paid internships to satisfy the HRI 190 (Coordinated Internship Restaurant and Hospitality Operations) requirement.  All students will also receive the Serve-Safe Certification (HRI 195) upon successful completion of the class. 
Approved and seconded.
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