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Committee Name: Curriculum and Instruction Policy Committee
Meeting Date: 5/1/2018 12:00:00 AM
Dr. Jim Lemons, Patti Saffioti, Kris Ogden, Dr. Cindy Wallin, Ava Connelly, Mike Farris, Dr. Muriel Mickles, Cynthia Lofaso, Brent Lester, Marci Gale, Dr. Peter Dorman, John McCullough, Dr. Jessica  Hogan,  Jim Tuitte,  Karen Alexander  and Amy Mclvor
Tom Sparhawk and Ernie Wade
Minutes from the last meeting were approved. The meeting  was adjourned.
MTH 161 is being replaced by MTH 131. The MTH 161 is a much higher level math than these students need and MTH 131 was designed specifically for CTE programs.  These classes are both 3-credit classes.
SDV 100 is being replaced by SDV 101 - Orientation to Electronics and Mechatronics. SDV 101 is sometimes used rather than SDV 100 as an introductory course for certain program-specific areas that might not be covered in a general SDV 100 class.
ETR 123 and 124 will be replaced by ETR 113 and 114. ETR 113/123 was basically a lab/lecture combination and ETR 114/124 was also a lab/lecture combination. With ETR 113 and ETR 114, there will be a lecture and lab component to each class, which will not be listed as a separate lecture and lab with a separate class number. We hope this will be easier for the students and all involved. The ETR 113 and ETR 114 are both 4-credit classes, which is what the combination courses were.                                      ·
When this degree was initiated years ago, it was basically designed for the employees of Harris Corporation with 12 credit hours that were geared specifically toward Harris employees. Harris has not hired any of our students in a long time and they do not plan to.  There is a lot of other content that industry desires so these 12 hours aimed toward Harris Corporation will be replaced by classes that are desirable for all local industry rather than one company.
With  the program  changes, there are  11 credit hours that need  to be swapped  out.  ETR 223, ETR 224, and   ETR
234 will be removed for a total of 11 credits. ETR 211, SAF 130, ETR 150, MEC 253 and DRF 161 will be used to replace the credits. HLT 100 will be removed, as it is not required for these types of degrees, and surveyed industry preferred the SAF 130, which will give the students a credential with the OSHA 10 card. We also hope these changes will improve our enrollment as we have had to cancel many communications courses in the past because of low enrollment.
Local industry was surveyed regarding qualities they desire in employees and our class changes were developed from these survey results. A few of these classes are offered in more than one pathway. A question was raised regarding certifications and it was pointed out that there will be two CISCO networking certifications that can be acqu ired after taking the four ITN classes and there will also be an OSHA 10 certification awarded with successful completion of the SAF 130 class.
Marci mentioned that this pathway does not have a beginning stackable certificate program, but that could easily be added.
SDV 101 will supply the students with college-entry computer skills necessary for success along with EGR 127 and ETR 214.  The Microsoft Office Suite will be introduced in the SDV 101 course.

There was a lengthy discussion regarding replacing MTH 161 with MTH 131. This course change was made because of the across-the-board VCCS changes to the math classes. In addition, we had previously offered MTH 115 and MTH 116 for technical courses, but they were changed to MTH 163 and MTH 164. The content of MTH 131 is comparable to MTH 115, which was considered a more appropriate course for the technical areas. Itwas decided by the group that this is a simple modification, rather than a substantive change, and the approval was motioned and seconded.

Motion  seconded  and approved effective Fall  2018.


These changes are proposed  as simple modifications that do not alter the intent or content of the program.  Some courses are being replaced  with newer welding processes that are being utilized  in industry..
WEL 130 will be deleted and replaced with WEL 164, which is considered a more appropriate course.  There  are also going to be some sequencing changes to make the flow more appropriate for the students. WEL 160 is going to be moved  up in the sequence of  offerings.
WEL 142 is being replaced by WEL 175. Previously, the AWS certification was granted upon successful completion of the certification test in WEL 142, but that will now be offered in WEL 141. WEL 175 will now become a required  course rather than  an optional  course.
There is a WEL 138 or WEL  175 option.  WEL  175 is the new number for WEL  195.  We were previously  offering a 3-credit version  of WEL  138 as WEL  195.  WEL  138 is a 2-credit course.
There is a new course being offered, WEL 126. WEL 126 and WEL 166 can be interchanged. WEL 164 is a prerequisite for WEL 166. Previously, students could take WEL 195 (WEL 138) or WEL 175. WEL 166 is a follow-up course to WEL 164. This option will allow students to take courses specific to various welding specializations
Students are now able to get 2 certifications, which are the AWS Certification (WEL 141) and the Welder Qualification  1 (WEL 175).
It was pointed out the Welding Fundamentals program has not changed. It was noted that the Welding Fundaments Career Studies Certificate completion notation should be moved to below line item 5 from below line 10 in this grid.
Motion  seconded and approved.
WEL 130 will be deleted and will be replaced with a more appropriate course of WEL 164. WEL 160 will have a sequencing  change.
WEL 142 will be deleted and the AWS certification will now be given upon successful completion of the certification test in WEL  141.  WEL  142 will be replaced  by WEL 175.

It was pointed out the Welding Fundamentals program has not changed. It was noted that the Welding Fundaments Career Studies Certificate completion notation should be moved to below line item 4 from below line 8 in this  grid.
Approved  and seconded  effective Fall 2018.
The change of the MTH course numbers of MTH 111, MTH 120 and MTH 131was questioned by Kevin and it was felt this needs to be documented that this is a VCCS-mandated change and we do not have an option in the matter. MTH 111replaces MTH 103 and MTH 104, MTH 130 replaces MTH 120  and MTH 131replaces MTH  115/116.
Policy for Adding Course Prereq uisites - Kris Ogden
As a result of EAB Navigate, a prerequisite audit was performed in Fall of 2017 and a decision was made to delete all prerequisites that are not listed in the Master Course File. It was recognized that due to our broad variety of classes, some of the more technical areas require prerequisites and that a mechanism to address this issue is in place. It was noted that if a faculty member wants prerequisites re-instated, they should address this with their peer group and if agreed upon, the discussion should be presented to the Dean and then routed through the Curriculum and Instruction Policy Committee to be voted upon.
Wording of the policy was discussed  and the policy was accepted by a unanimous    vote.
Amy McIvor
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