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Committee Name: Curriculum and Instruction Policy Committee
Meeting Date: 4/7/2019 12:00:00 AM
Mr. Tom Sparhawk, Mr. Ernie Wade, Mr. Mike McLaughlin, Mr. John McCullough, Ms. Patty Saffioti, Mr. Brent Lester, Mr. Michael Faris, Ms. Ava Connelly, Dr. Cindy Wallin, Ms. Donna Grant-Paige, Ms. Karen Alexander, Ms. Kris Ogden, Dr. Muriel Mickles, Dr. Jim Lemons, Dr. Shannon McDermott and Ms. Amy McIvor.
No members were absent.
There are two items being presented today for discussion. 

Prerequisite enforcement for ENG 111 – Ms. Karen Alexander – Add placement requirement by the VCCS to our prerequisites for ENG 111 to enforce VCCS policy.  Ms. Alexander indicated there is not currently a prerequisite in the system for ENG 111 one needs to be added.

Elimination of Communication Design Program – Dr. Muriel Mickles.  The number of graduates has been declining for years for the number of graduates of this program.  Enrollments are good in the classes, but graduation numbers are low. 

FTEs enrolled                        Graduates
2014 - 25                                      5
2015 - 25                                      8
2016 - 26                                     10   

In order to do this, students must be given a teach out of 2 years to complete the program.  Students starting this year will have 2 more years to complete, and they are being informed of the program closure.  We are not registering new students in the fall semester and only those already enrolled in the program will be allowed to continue the degree program.  Courses will not be eliminated during the teach out.  16 FTES for this program are needed per semester.  On an average, 11 graduates for the program per year are required to be considered a viable program by the VCCS.  Dr. Mickles stated we have sent letters to students and they have been sent to try to increase enrollments. Liberty University and the University of Lynchburg both have four-year programs.  A lot of the students cannot find a job in the field in this area.  R. R. Donnelly is no longer in town, and they hired many of our graduates. CVCC has to have SACS’ approval to discontinue the program and this is the start of that process.  Protocol is that SCHEV grant us permission to discontinue the program. 

Motion made to officially terminate the Communication Design program spring 2021. 
Approved and seconded. 

None at this time.
None at this time.
Amy McIvor
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