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Committee Name: Curriculum and Instruction Policy Committee
Meeting Date: 12/12/2019 12:00:00 AM
Dr. Muriel Mickles, Dr. James Lemons, Patti Saffioti, Michael Farris, Elizabeth Narehood, Tom Sparhawk, Kris Ogden, Dr. Cindy Wallin, Ava Connelly, Ernie Wade, Marci Gale, Karen Alexander and Amy McIvor.
Brent Lester, Dr. David McGee and Dr. Shannon McDermott.
As general information, Dr. Lemons announced that Centra College of Nursing is now Centra College.  They have changed their requirements, and they are not requiring students to take SDV 100, College Success Skills, or HLT 141, Introduction to Medical Terminology.  This will be a wash as far as credits/FTEs are concerned, as they are deleting two classes for a total of three credits, and they are adding MTH 126, which is also a three-credit class.

Culinary Arts and Management - Dr. Lemons
The proposal is to change the curriculum to enable the students to take either HRI 145, Garde Manager, or HRI 280, Principles of Advanced Baking and Pastry.  This change would allow students who desire advanced baking skills to obtain employment with bakeries.  Students in this curriculum are already taking a baking class, HRI 128, Principles of Baking.  The Culinary Arts Curriculum Advisory Committee unanimously approved this change.  It was noted that HRI 280 has a prerequisite of HRI 128, and this will be added to the curriculum pathway template as a prerequisite.  APPROVED AND SECONDED.

Nuclear Technology - AAS - Dr. Lemons
There are currently 11 students in this cohort.  The proposed curriculum is for a 2-track curriculum:  Mechatronics and General Technician.  There are 21 credits in each track, which will be in addition to the 43 credits in the core part of the curriculum for a total of 64 credits for the program.  Ms. Murtha is the liaison between CVCC and Framatome.  The number of potential students enrolled does not warrant two tracks and could pose program viability concerns.  Dr. Wallin stated that it may be possible for this to be a Technical Studies program, but the Technical Studies programs have 3-year life spans, so Dr. Mickles asked that we move forward as is.  APPROVED and SECONDED.

Prerequisites - Dr. Wallin
Dr. Wallin presented the proposed prerequisite changes.  There was some discussion, and it was decided this will be tabled until the next meeting that will be held 01-08-2020.  There is a lot of information to review, and committee members felt the committee needed time to look over the information.  Also, the electives that are listed in the CVCC catalog were suggested to be put on the agenda for the 01-08-2020 meeting as well in an effort to update the electives.  APPROVED AND SECONDED. 
Amy McIvor
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