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Committee Name: Curriculum and Instruction Policy
Meeting Date: 10/2/2020 12:00:00 AM
  • Karen Alexander, Chair
  • Muriel Mickles
  • Cindy Wallin
  • Jason Ferguson
  • Patti Saffioti
  • Kris Ogden
  • Ava Connelly
  • Michael Babcock
  • Marci Gale
  • Brent Lester
  • David McGee
  • Jim Tuite
  • Mary Zoccola
  • Michael Farris
Karen Alexander called the meeting to order at 1:03 p.m.
Karen stated that a draft of the December meeting minutes was emailed to all members last week. Karen asked if there were any corrections. Hearing none, a motion was made by Kris and seconded by Muriel, the minutes of the December 12, 2019, meeting were approved by the Committee.
Karen read the mission of the Curriculum and Instruction Policy Committee:

Reviews and makes recommendations for new and existing curriculum/courses of the College (including workforce offerings). Reviews proposals for curriculum changes and provide leadership for developing and reviewing policies and procedures that relate to curriculum and instruction. 
Karen reviewed the members and membership: Chair: Karen Alexander, Recorder: tbd  Co-Recorder: tbd
Membership Number Term Name
Academic Division Associate Vice Presidents 2 Permanent Jason Ferguson
Cindy Wallin
Classified Staff representative 1 2020 - 2022 (2-year) Ava Connelly
Registrar 1 Permanent Karen Alexander
Dean of Enrollment Management 1 Permanent Michael Farris
Dean of Institutional Effectiveness 1 Permanent Kris Ogden
Dean of Student Services 1 Permanent Patti Saffioti
Faculty representatives (3 per Division) 6 2019 - 2021 (2-year)

2020 - 2022 (2-year)
Brent Lester
David McGee
Marcella Gale
James Tuite
Michael Babcock
Hailey Hermosa
Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs    Dr. Muriel Mickles  

Professional and Career Studies Proposals 

Dr. Jason Ferguson reported that local business leaders prefer to hire employees that have strong communication skills.  For that reason, ENG 111, College Composition I; CST 126 Interpersonal Communication; and PSY 205, Personal Conflict & Crisis Management, have been added to various pathways.  Also, SDV will be added to the first 12 credits of each program.

Jason stated that changes were made to the following programs to create stackable pathways, awards for career studies certificates (CSC) through certificate, diploma, or associate degree completion.  This follows the G3 model by creating three levels.  Core courses are offered first because they lead to certifications that lead to jobs and/or job promotions.  General Education courses are offered later.   These stackable pathways will work well with the G3 program and the CTE Academy.
The following were approved by the Curriculum Committee:
  1. Administration of Justice
    • Criminal Career Studies Certification
    • Criminal Justice Plus CSC (Level I)
    • Criminal Justice Advanced CSC (Level II) added CST 126, PSY 205
  2.  Public Safety Telecommunications CSC – Requested by the VCCS. CVCC will work with Thomas Nelson Community College.  This is a standalone CSC. CST 126 and PSY 205 have been added. 
  3.  Computer and Electronics Technology – Computer Networking 
    • Computer and Electronics Technology Fundamentals CSC (Level I) 
  4. Electrical Technology Certificate (Levels I, II, and III) 
  5. Emergency Medical Services – Paramedic
    • Emergency Medical Technician Plus CSC (Level I)
    • Emergency Medical Technician Advanced CSC (Level II)
  6.  Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning Certificate (Level III Total Program)
  7.  Industrial Maintenance Electrician Certificate (Levels I, II, and III)
  8.  Industrial Maintenance Mechanic Certificate (Levels I, II, and III)
  9.  Information Systems Technology – Cyber Security Specialization AAS (Level III)
  10.  Information Systems Technology – General AAS Information Systems
    • Technology Fundamentals CSC (Level I)
    • Information Systems Technology CSC (Level II)   
  11. Machine Tool and Machine Tool and Quality Diploma
    • Machine Technician CSC (Level II)
  12.  Mechatronics AAS and Mechatronics Plus CSC (Level II)

Management Program Specializations

Brent Lester reported that many employers prefer to hire employees with good keyboarding skills; therefore, AST 101 has been added to the curriculum of the following programs:
  1. Business Management CSC - Total Credits 28 (no change)
  2.  Management, Human Resources Specialization AAS 
  3.    Management AAS        
    • Increase total credits from 64 to 67  
    • Add AST 101 Keyboarding 1 (+3 credits)   
    • Justification:  The CSC will stack to all three management AAS programs.  Recommended by Advisory Board.  
  4. Management, Marketing Specialization AAS
    • Increase total credits from 64 to 67  
    • Add AST 101 Keyboarding 1 (+3 credits) and MKT 284 Social Media Marketing, remove MKT 228 Promotion
    • Justification:  The CSC will stack to all three management AAS programs.  Recommended by Advisory Board.  

Request for New Curriculum

Dr. Kris Ogden stated that she will complete the Request for New Curriculum forms (VCCS 102) and submit them to the VCCS for approval as needed.  Some changes may require a new code.

Transfer Electives 
Dr. Cindy Wallin asked that removing the word fundamental from the description of various courses be put on the agenda for the next committee meeting.

Cindy stated that several courses should be included in the approved transfer course list.  Cindy stated that the process for adding courses to the list seemed to include, whether or not they were commonly accepted at four-year institutions.  Either Evan or Karen would then plug the course into SIS so it would automatically appear on the transcript, without completing a substitution form.

Cindy requested the Curriculum Committee to approve adding the following courses to the list of transfer courses.  Approved by unanimous vote.
  1. HIS 142 - African American History II (HIS 141 - African American History I is already on the list)  It is an acceptable History or Social Science transfer course.  
  2. ENG 257 – Mythology
  3. CST 126 - Interpersonal Communication
Karen stated that the committee should consider adding BUS 226 - Computer Business Applications too.

Kris stated that she really liked the way that Brent illustrated the change to BUS 226 in his programs. He presented it as a computer elective. Kris stated that she will go through the program pathways and research how the original adjustment was made when we added the 119.  She will bring it up with the General Task Force meeting on the 13th, just to see if there are any questions.

Karen stated that the committee had approved adding a local prerequisite to ENG 111 and ENG 111 placement and MTE 1-3 as a prerequisite to BIO 141, but neither appeared to have been updated in the current pathways.  The college catalog has been updated to include these footnotes, but due to the length of the text and the space available in the format of the catalog, some requirements had to be added with an asterisk in the prerequisites column and a footnote below.  The current pathways need to be updated to match.  Kris agreed to look into this. Tabled for the next meeting.
Mary Zoccola
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