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Committee Name: Curriculum and Instruction Policy
Meeting Date: 1/14/2021 12:00:00 AM
  • Karen Alexander, Chair
  • Muriel Mickles
  • Cindy Wallin
  • Jason Ferguson
  • Michael Farris
  • Patti Saffioti
  • Kris Ogden
  • Ava Connelly
  • Michael Babcock
  • Marci Gale
  • Hailey Hermosa
  • Brent Lester
  • David McGee
  • Jim Tuite
Karen Alexander called the meeting to order at 1 p.m.  
Approval of Minutes 
Minutes from the October 2, 2020, meeting were e-mailed to the committee members prior to the meeting for review. Karen asked if there was any discussion or if there were any corrections to the minutes. Muriel Mickles made a motion that the minutes be approved as written. Patti Saffioti seconded the motion. The minutes were unanimously approved by the committee.
Election of Recorder and Co-Recorder 
Karen asked for volunteers to be the recorder and co-recorder for the committee. Ava Connelly and Hailey Hermosa were elected recorder and co-recorder, respectively.
Local Prerequisites for ENG 111 and BIO 141 
At the previous meeting, there was discussion about the local prerequisites for ENG 111 (ENG 111 placement) and BIO 141 (MTE 1-3). This had been updated in the college catalog, but not in the pathways. This was tabled until the next meeting. Kris stated that developmental courses are not listed as prerequisites in the pathways because all students are not required to take them.
Liberal Arts AAS Degree Discontinuation 
Cindy Wallin discussed the enrollment decline in the Liberal Arts curriculum and in the foreign language courses. Enrollment is a driving factor in the viability of any program.
Kris Ogden explained that we have three liberal arts transfer programs - General Studies, Liberal Arts, and Education. The three programs differ very little. There is a literature required for General Studies. a foreign language for Liberal Arts, and the education courses for the Education transfer pathway.  The Liberal Arts program was started in fall of 1988 and that was during a time when most liberal arts colleges who transferred in general education requirements required a foreign language, especially with a lab component. That is no longer the case. Most colleges are looking for a three-credit-hour general education humanities requirement, where CVCC’s language courses are four credits.  In recent years, students have not been enrolling in the foreign language courses, and especially in the Spanish courses offered at CVCC. There was one graduate from the Liberal Arts program last year, and the program has not met SCHEV viability standards for graduates for several years. Charles Poff is the program coordinator for the Liberal Arts program, and he supports the proposal for discontinuance. There were 25 students enrolled in the Liberal Arts pathway Fall of 2020. If this is proposal is approved, their records will be reviewed and they will either be taught out of this program across three years, or they will transition into the General Studies program without losing any credits.
Karen stated that students wishing to take foreign language have the option to use that as a humanities elective in the General Studies pathway. Cindy said that the enrollment in SPA 101 and SPA 102 for the last several years has been primarily in the early college programs, and they are opting to remove that from their programs. The demand for the foreign language, even as a transfer, has declined.
Cindy made a motion to discontinue the Liberal Arts AAS Degree at CVCC. Muriel seconded the motion. The committee unanimously approved the discontinuation of the degree.
Addition of ENG 253 as a Transfer Elective 
The Arts and Sciences Division is now offering ENG 253 – African American Literature. Cindy made a motion to include this as a transfer course eligible to fulfill the literature requirement. Jim Tuite seconded the motion. The committee approved the addition of this course to the transfer electives. Karen stated that this has been approved as a humanities elective.

Early College Update 
Cindy presented changes to the Early College programs, which will be effective Fall 2021.

Bedford Early College: 
Remove SPA 101 and 102 - Spanish I and II.
Add REL 230 – Religions of the World and PSY 230 – Developmental Psychology.
Replace HLT 110 – Concepts of Personal and Community Health with HLT 116 – Introduction to Personal Wellness.
Reduce total credits from 65 to 62. 

Muriel asked about the course title for MUS 121. Cindy stated that the title had changed in the VCCS Master Course File from Music Appreciation to Music in Society through the TransferVA process.

Lynchburg City:
Remove SPA 101 and SPA 102 – Spanish I and II.
Add ART 101 – History and Appreciation of Art I and MUS 121 – Music in Society.
Replace HLT 110 – Concepts of Personal and Community Health with HLT 116 – Introduction to Personal Wellness.
Reduce total credits from 65 to 62.
Campbell County:
For now, the three-credit HLT 110 – Concepts of Personal and Community Health will remain in the program.
Appomattox County:
Add BUS 226 – Computer Business Applications as an option for the computer requirement.
Replace HLT 110 – Concepts of Personal and Community Health with HLT 115 – Introduction to Personal and Community Health.
Amherst County:
Cindy is still working with the site director and changes will be presented at a later date.
Cindy said that as part of Transfer Virginia, PLS 211 – Government I and PLS 212 – Government II have been replaced with PLS 135 – United States Government and Politics and PLS 136 – State and Local Government and Politics. This change will be made in each of the Early College programs. Cindy stated that Jim Tuite was instrumental in the development of those courses.
The sequencing of the computer elective and CST 100 Public Speaking will be changed to ensure that both of those courses will be offered in the first year of all Early College programs.
Karen asked if the completion of the General Education Certificate could be listed on the Early College pathways, as well as the Health Sciences pathway. Cindy said that she would look at those courses and see where the completion of the General Education Certificate should be listed in the pathways.
Muriel stated that since these revisions did not change the curriculum, it was not necessary for the committee to vote on them.
Jim Tuite informed the committee that PLS 135 and PLS 136 would be across all curricula. The courses were generally designed for transfer students. They will be incorporated into other programs such as Administration of Justice and Education that have a government requirement.

Removal of “Fundamentals” in Program Titles 
Karen noted that in a previous meeting, there was discussion to remove “Fundamentals” from some of the program titles. She asked Cindy if there were any updates on that. She stated that most of those programs are now in Jason’s area. She said that in the past, a program with Fundamentals in the title referred to a dual enrollment program for high school students. If that is no longer the case, as long as people are aware, she is fine with that. Michael Farris asked that if any program titles are changed to notify Ryan McNamara in Financial Aid.

Jason Ferguson stated that the first level of some of the G3-eligible curricula, which will be implemented Fall 2021, will retain the Fundamentals name and will be open to all students, both dual enrollment as well as adult traditional students.

Karen asked if anyone completing these curriculums within the pathway would be eligible to earn the fundamentals career studies certificates. Jason said they would be eligible.

Marci Gale stated that she has had issues with students' program plans when running reports in SIS. She said there is inconsistency in the program names, especially in the Mechatronics area where there is a career studies program, an associate degree, and a STEM Academy career studies certificate in Mechatronics. She also pointed out that there is inconsistency in the way programs are labeled on the website. Under the Industry and Manufacturing program category, there is a "Mechatronics AAS" tile and a "Mechatronics" tile. This can be confusing for students. Marci stated that Kevin Riley and Evan Abatecola are looking into the SIS inconsistencies. Kris will look into the questions about the website.

There being no further business to come before the committee, the meeting was adjourned.
Ava Connelly
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