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Committee Name: Curriculum and Instruction Policy
Meeting Date: 4/13/2021 12:00:00 AM
  • Muriel Mickles
  • Michael Farris
  • Jason Ferguson
  • Kris Ogden
  • Cindy Wallin
  • Hailey Hermosa
  • David McGee
  • Jim Tuite
  • Karen Alexander
  • Ava Connelly
  • Michael Babcock
  • Marci Gale
  • Brent Lester
  • Patti Saffioti

Approval of Minutes
Muriel Mickles made a motion to approve the minutes from the April 8 meeting. Jim Tuite seconded the motion. The committee unanimously approved the minutes as presented.

Old Business
Karen stated that this meeting was a continuation of the meeting on April 8 to discuss the proposed Pre-Allied Health Career Studies Certificate.  She asked Kris Ogden to share any updates or information she may have since the last meeting.

Kris stated that the college has tried since 2017 to get an entry-level health sciences pathway but has not been successful due to financial aid eligibility. We committed to trying to find a pathway forward for the students by getting a G3-approved program. We thought the State Board was going to approve the existing health sciences program that we use now for the Centra students. It was taken off the agenda in March because it was not consistent with what would be approved for G3. They directed us to go to other colleges with approved programs, specifically Reynolds Community College.
Kris stated that the only chance of having something to be approved to offer students who want to pursue these pathways under the G3 guidelines is to move forward with a model like the proposed Pre-Allied Health Career Studies Certificate, in consultation with Reynolds and other programs.
We have developed something that aligns with CVCC’s programs in consultation with Jason and the program faculty for those divisions, and we have included advisors in the development of this. Karen has pointed out legitimate processing concerns that we will have to address if this is approved.
Kris said she could not guarantee it will be approved, but this is the first step in getting it first to the Local Board and then the State Board for further approval.

Karen asked Michael Farris if he would like to provide any updates on the Financial Aid side since the last meeting.

Michael stated he had been looking in SIS to find out what other schools were doing that have this type of program. He said that he was not overly concerned on the financial aid side. If the program is approved, it will be submitted for approval for gainful employment to be able to award financial aid. He feels that we can make this work. 

Muriel said that she appreciated Michael checking into the financial aspect of this. She said that she would like to see this program move forward since it is being done at other colleges, it will provide a valuable pathway for our students, and as Michael stated, there should be no financial aid issues. 

Karen brought up an issue that Cindy pointed out regarding the structure of the pathways and a discrepancy in the total credits.  The proposal states that the credits range from 17-27 credits. Adding up the required minimum credits, the total comes to 14. 

The committee reviewed each of the pathways (Emergency Medical Services, Radiologic Technology, Respiratory Therapy, and Pre-Nursing) to ensure that all requirements were included. The programs initially were 17-27 credits. After reviewing each program and making modifications to better align the requirements, the program credit totals were changed to 18-20 credits: 

  • SDV 101 Orientation to Health Professions - 1 credit
  • ENG 111 College Composition I - 3 credits
  • BIO Elective - 4 credits
  • Social Science Elective - 3 credits
  • Program Electives:  7-9 credits
  • Program Totals: 18-20 credits
Cindy Wallin raised a question about what would happen when a student uses all of the G3 funding. Would they then be eligible for funding?
Jason said that since this is G3, it would be financial aid eligible, and also because it is a health program, it could be tobacco funded as well, so there are multiple options for funding if it is approved.
Michael agreed that there is funding available.
Karen asked Kris if this proposal of 18 to 20 credits is what is needed to move forward to vote on this.
Kris stated that she was good with the changes, but she would defer to Jason, since this was not what the program faculty had agreed to. She said she was fine with approving the 18-20 credits as long as they were informed of the changes.
Jason said he feels they will understand once he explains the reasons for the changes. And none of the programs were eliminated. Making these changes gives them a better chance to work.
Cindy asked Jason where the student will go once they complete this certificate. He said that the goal would be for them to be accepted into the degree program. In the case of nursing, they can go into the general studies pathway.
Jason stated that, as Kris said, this is a way for us to have a standalone program for G3 eligibility.
Cindy asked if these certificates will be nested within the degree pathway or will they remain totally separate. Jason said that these will not be shown within the degree pathway. They will be standalone programs, but still map to the degree.
Kris added that these are competitive admission programs, and we do not want to give any indication that by taking these courses ensures admission to that program and sequencing them within the pathway could be confusing. Kris stated that these programs with core program specific courses, in combination with general education courses, will be marketed as providing students with opportunities for employment in entry-level healthcare positions. They will have some medical terminology background, anatomy and physiology, so it will be promoted in that way. If a student earns this certificate, they will have some basic qualifications for entry into a health care worker type field.
Jim said that was his concern when courses were deleted from the original proposal – would the students still have that opportunity. Kris stated that most of the deleted courses were general education courses, so they would still have the medical terminology and whichever sciences were required.
Karen said that with she would send the revised pathways to Kris with the modifications. She then asked for a motion to approve the Pre-Allied Health Career Studies Certificate for a variable 18-20 credits.
Cindy made a motion to approve the program with the modifications. David seconded the motion.
The committee unanimously approved the Pre-Allied Health Career Studies Certificate.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:07 a.m.

Ava Connelly
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