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Committee Name: Curriculum and Instruction Policy
Meeting Date: 5/13/2021 12:00:00 AM
  • Kris Ogden
  • Jason Ferguson
  • Cindy Wallin
  • Cynthia Deutsch
  • Karen Alexander
  • Michael Farris
  • Marci Gale
  • Hailey Hermosa
  • Brent Lester
  • David McGee
  • Patti Saffioti
  • Jim Tuite
  • Ava Connelly
  • Shannon McDermott
  • Mary Zoccola
Shared April 13th minutes
  • Motion to approve:
    • Motion: David McGee
    • Second: Jim Tuite
    • Unanimously Approved
 Health Sciences Pathway Variable Credit – G3 Eligibility
  • Updates:
    • Kris: The Pre-Allied Health Career Studies Certificate was approved by the local board and is on the 5/19 agenda for the state board. I appreciate everyone’s efforts to get this pushed through.
Arts and Sciences
  • Science AS Degree Programs – credit change for Organic Chemistry Lab
    • Cindy:
      • Transfer VA is driving changes and one of those changes is in Organic Chemistry. This change has been driven by VCCS faculty across the state. Then in-turn vetted by 4-year institutions.
      • The lab portion of Organic Chemistry has changed from 1 credit to 2 credits, and the name has also changed. The VCCS will be retiring the older courses.
      • We have met and have a very clear solution for our students.
    • Shannon:
      • PHY 241 - University Physics I will remain at 4 credits, while CHM 241 and CHM 245 are both now 5 credits – so we have given them separate line items.  
      • The same goes for the sequence of those courses.
      • We discussed removing the footnote and instead saying minimum credit hours for the pathway.
      • General / Life / Physical Sciences
        • Remedied inconsistencies in the footnotes.
        • Adjusted the wording to outline the 4-5 credit hour range.
        • Jim: Can we list a range, or does it have to be a fixed number?
        • Karen: We may just list a minimum. If students sign up for the course, they will be eligible for financial aid for all credits.
          • If any course credit meets the degree requirements, they will get financial aid for all credits within that course. Is that correct Michael?
          • Michael: Yes.
          • Karen: we just need to make people aware if they are paying out of pocket.
        • Jim: Is it required?
          • Karen: 4 credits is required, 5 credits is optional. Financial aid will cover the entire course, so it is not a financial aid impact.
          • Kris: It is an option, not required. Students will not be penalized either way.
          • Marci: Have we informed financial aid?
          • Michael: Has Ryan McNamara been notified? SIS and financial aid set-ups will have to be changed. Let’s include Ryan on future meetings. There are seems to be good reason for the viable nature.
          • Cindy: They could also use the class to fulfill their obligation to another school.
          • Shannon: The VCCS has decided that this is now what our Chemistry will be. There are a variety of classes they could take to fulfill the elective. Most are 4 credits, only the Organic Chemistry is 5 credits.
          • Karen: The only thing that is changing is that the VCCS is adding one credit to the Organic Chemistry for transfer.
        • Jim: Are all 5 credits transferable?
          • Cindy: Yes, this has been vetted by Transfer VA.
        • Karen: Should we add an additional footnote encouraging students to contact a counselor. Putting both footnote 1 and 3 in?
          • Kris: Yes, that is a good idea.
          • Cindy: Yes.
        • Michael: Can we just list 61-63 credit hours. Would that eliminate the need for a footnote all together?
          • Karen: I think that would add further confusion. 61 is the minimum. Additional credits are optional.
          • Cindy: I think just leave 61. They will meet with advisors.
          • Michael: There are 23 people currently in these pathways. They are all getting one-on-one advising.
        • Marci: I think where the “or” is placed is confusing. Maybe make the lines the same background color.
          • Cindy: Some of our other pathways have this “or” line.
          • Patti: These students will be advised. I do not think these students will be confused. I do agree these should be all one color.
          • Remove 4-5 language in line 18.
        • Michael: this puts them in a better position when they transfer.
Karen: Do we have a motion?
  • Kris: Motion to approve.
  • Cindy: Second.
  • Approved: Unanimously.
 Engineering AS Degree Program – EGR 120/124 changing to EGR 121/122
  • Cindy: We are currently working to hire a program head.
    • 5 years ago, we adjusted the Engineering two-year transfer degree to include EGR 120 and EGR 124. Transfer VA has vetted these courses with Virginia Tech, UVA, and others. The new numbers will be EGR 121 and EGR 122, respectively. No variations, just a course replacement.
    • Karen: Are we going to be offering EGR 121 in Fall 2021.
      • Cindy: Yes, all four pathways are effective Fall 2021.
 Karen: Do we have a motion?
  • Patti: Motion to approve.
  • Jim: Second.
  • Approved: Unanimously.
 Meeting Adjourned
  • Karen:
Meeting adjourned at 10:43 a.m.
Hailey Hermosa
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