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Central Virginia Community College
Educational, E-Learning, and Information Technology (E2IT)
Tuesday September 4, 2012

Members Present:

Deborah Bauers

Susan Beasley

Jim Bell

Marcella Brown

Donna Hobbs

Brent Lester

David Lightfoot

John Lofaso

Linda Rodriquez

Cathy Sanders

Will Sandidge

Barbara Soldivieri

Cindy Wallin

William Osborne (in Wil Perez’s absence)


The meeting was called to order by Susan Beasley. Cindy Wallin was elected the committee chair; Barbara Soldivieri was elected the recorder.

The purpose of the E2IT Committee was reviewed –

  1. Analyze, evaluate, and address short and long-term instructional/educational technology needs of the College;
  2. Serve as a conduit for faculty seeking to promote innovative and best practice methods 
    in the use of instructional/educational technology;
  3. Produce policy regarding Distance Education, and all educational technology issues;
  4. Submit requests for technology purchases;
  5. Make recommendations for technology training;
  6. Oversee the design and functionality of the CVCC website.


Issues to be addressed by the committee were then identified. David L. will create a survey for the committee members to use as a tool for prioritizing the issues.

Issues Identified:

Lecture Capture

Peer Review of Web Courses

Training for Faculty

Training for Students

Blackboard Collaborate

Hybrid definitions

Student Log-in/Storage

Windows 8

Widescreen/Dual monitors

Best Practices

Replacement Cycles- Technology

Blackboard Performance in labs

Browser Support

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) Policies

BYOD apps/virtualization

Vision – Technology needs


Survey results and next action steps will be addressed at the next meeting.

Next meeting: October 16

Room: 5207 

Time: 1:00
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