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Central Virginia Community College
Educational, E-Learning, and Information Technology (E2IT)
Tuesday November 20, 2012
Members Present
Members Absent
Deborah Bauers
Jane Eckes
Susan Beasley
Brent Lester
Jim Bell
Cathy Sanders
Marcella Brown
Will Sandidge
Donna Hobbs
David Lightfoot
John Lofaso
Wil Perez
Linda Rodriquez
Barbara Soldivieri
Cindy Wallin

The meeting was called to order by Cindy Wallin at 1:00.
Wil Perez showed the group the new logo on the updated website.
There were some questions regarding the way the updated website appears on mobile devices – this will be addressed in the near future.
The question was asked if the Marketing/Public Relations committee would need to have input on the new design. Donna explained the Marketing/PR committee is addressing the long-term marketing of CVCC, not the website which now falls under the E2IT committee.
The group approved the new logo on the updated site and asked David L. to present it to the President’s Cabinet for approval.

Lecture Capture sub-committee
There was a lengthy discussion regarding the many considerations that need to be looked at on this topic.
The group will put together an informational presentation for convocation or early spring semester. The group wants to introduce faculty to Lecture Capture, then find out how many would be interested in using it and what features they would be interested in using. Feedback from the faculty will help determine if there is enough interest to warrant pursuing further.

BYOD sub-committee
The group found that there are faculty members who encourage students to use their devices for classroom activities as well as faculty who do not allow devices to be used for any purpose in the classroom. There have been students who have purchased e-textbooks prior to the start of classes and then found out the instructor did not allow them to be used.
There is not a consistent method for faculty to identify whether or not they will allow e-textbooks to be used for their class, and how that is communicated to students.
A policy that addresses the use of devices in the classrooms, library, and elsewhere on campus, will be drafted and brought to the Faculty Association for further discussion.

Windows 8, Office 2013, Office 365: David L. and William O. explained some of the features as well as challenges of these products.
Windows 8 does not have the ability to be deployed automatically. Microsoft expects to have that feature available first quarter 2013.
Windows 8 & Office 2013 both offer Touch-Screen functionality.
Office 365, which provides cloud technology, has a core product that is available at no charge for use by faculty & staff. David has been working on getting more detailed information on the use of this product. There are additional features that are available for a per person/ per month fee. The Per Month fees are $4.50 for faculty & staff, $2.50 per student. This is an ‘all or nothing’ option which would be very expensive.
It was suggested that a student fee be created to cover the cost – similar to the Technology Fee.
Office 2013 is available now. I.T. has a tablet that has Office 2013 loaded if anyone wants to try it out before having it loaded on their office PC.

Additional discussions:
·         how to help faculty and staff learn how to use currently available technology in ways that will provide quality education and keep students engaged in learning.
·         The committee would like to ask for money in the next budget to be used for piloting new projects. This would allow the college to trial a variety of projects and then decide which would be most beneficial to move forward with.
·         There was discussion on the frequency of the committee meetings and what other options are available for the group to discuss topics without formal face-to-face meetings. Use of the committee’s Sharepoint site will help with communication between scheduled meetings.
·         iPads. Several have been purchased and are available to be checked out. There was discussion regarding the most effective use of these – an example would be for an instructor to check out several to be used by students during class for a classroom activity. David McGee has been discussing this with the Faculty Association also.
 Meeting was adjourned at 3:00
Next meeting:  January 22nd
Room: 5207
Time: 1:00 p.m.
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