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Central Virginia Community College
Educational, E-Learning, and Information Technology (E2IT)
Tuesday January 22, 2013
Members Present
Members Absent
Deborah Bauers
Jane Eckes
Susan Beasley
Donna Hobbs
Jim Bell
Linda Rodriquez
Marcella Brown
Cathy Sanders
Brent Lester
Will Sandidge
David Lightfoot
John Lofaso
Wil Perez
Barbara Soldivieri
Cindy Wallin

The meeting was called to order by Cindy Wallin at 1:00.
·         Cindy announced that Donna Hobbs has decided to leave E2IT committee to work on a different committee.
·         There have been some concerns raised regarding the new colors used on the CVCC web site. John Lofaso offered some suggestions and agreed to work with Donna Hobbs, Jill Markwood and Wil Perez to create 2 or 3 options for the committee to choose from. The committee’s choice will go to the President’s Cabinet for approval.

Lecture Capture/BYOD
Cindy asked for a volunteer to take the lead on the Lecture Capture and BYOD sub-committees.
                Lecture Capture
Jim Bell did a presentation during convocation that was well attended. The group that attended stayed an additional 45 minutes showing there is a lot of interest in using lecture capture.
A survey is being created to find out what features faculty would be interested in using if a lecture capture application were available.
Cindy asked the group for next-step suggestions. Discussion included pilot of several products, budget request for equipment and IT support personnel, timing of a pilot.
Jim Bell has provided 2 sample policies on the E2IT web page for the committee to review. 
A question was asked if CVCC has a policy on the use of electronic devices in the classroom, or if CVCC supports/encourages the use of technology such as ebooks.
Discussion included questions regarding how faculty can communicate their preference for paper textbook or if ebook would be acceptable in their class.
Wil Perez is going to check into the use of the BOOK field in the Class Schedule screen.
Faculty have found that information entered in the SPECIAL NOTES field is generally not noticed.
Cindy introduced a recommendation that 3 sub-committees be created.
·         Classroom, Education/E-Learning
·         Administrative Systems
·         Web Presence
Cindy will post more information on the E2IT page with a brief description of responsibilities each group would have.
E2IT members are asked to select a sub-committee they will join.
The next meeting will be in 2 weeks. Cindy will announce if it will be February 5th or 7th.
 Meeting was adjourned at 3:00
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