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Central Virginia Community College
Educational, E-Learning, and Information Technology (E2IT)
Tuesday February 26, 2013
Members Present
Members Absent
Susan Beasley
Deborah Bauers
Jim Bell
Jane Eckes
Marcella Brown
Brent Lester
David Lightfoot
John Lofaso
William Osborne
Linda Rodriquez
Wil Perez
Cathy Sanders
Will Sandidge
Barbara Soldivieri
Cindy Wallin

The meeting was called to order by Cindy Wallin at 1:00.

Lecture Capture
A survey was sent to the faculty who had attended the information session during convocation to find out what features faculty would be interested in using if a lecture capture application were available.
About 6 people responded indicating interest in participating in a pilot.
Jim contacted several vendors and found 2 that are willing to do a pilot for 8 weeks at no cost.
There are concerns if the pilot goes well and there is strong interest in using lecture capture there may not be money to fund it. Although there are open-source products available, these products require additional time (about 30 minutes or more) for the faculty to convert the files, as well as IT resources that are not currently available.
The committee felt it was best to move forward with the pilot. If the pilot is a success the request for funding will be made.
Susan, Jim, David and William O. will work together to coordinate a small pilot.
Jim will work with David on determining the cost for full implantation.
Wil Sandidge made a motion to move forward with the pilot. David seconded the motion. All in attendance agreed.

Cindy handed out a draft of a policy worked on by Brent Lester and John Lofaso that addresses the appropriate use of hand-held and wireless technologies at CVCC.
One portion of the policy addresses emergency notifications. Will S. and David will share the policy at the next campus security meeting and request input.

Susan and Jim discussed their plan for training faculty on using iPads in the classroom. They will meet with David to work on managing and support of the devices.
 Meeting was adjourned at 3:15
Next meeting: April 9, 2013
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