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E2IT Committee Minutes

The E2IT Committee met on Tuesday, October 8, 2013 at 1 pm in Room 5209.   The following members were present:  John McCullough, Ed McGee, LaTanya Carter, John Lofaso, Jim Bell, Cathy Sanders, Barbara Soldivieri, Will Sandidge, Shannon McDermott, William Perez, David Lightfoot, Marci Brown, William Osborne, and Cindy Wallin. 

John McCullough called the meeting to order and stated that the main purpose of today’s meeting would be to discuss the aspect of governance and subcommittees. 

Will Sandidge moved and John Lofaso seconded that the committee form a sub-committee to structure the governance of the committee as a whole.  The sub-committee is to be comprised of a representative from each of the represented groups, IT—David Lightfoot, Distance Education—Ed McGee, Faculty—John Lofaso, and Staff—Cathy Sanders.  Its main objective is to determine the standing sub-committees and their purpose.  Motion approved. 

There was much discussion regarding several important issues relating to the overall purpose of the committee.  John Lofaso raised the question as to the procedures that will be used for the committee to get its work done.  Barbara Soldivieri questioned what decisions the committee could make and implement, and the necessary funding related to those decisions.  Other questions focused on how the committee could identify the E2IT needs of the entire college and then prioritize those needs. 

Based upon these concerns, the number and the general focus of potential standing sub-committees were discussed.  John McCullough suggested three sub-committees—IT Services, Distance Education, and Faculty Needs.  Will Perez suggested two sub-committees—Instructional and General IT Services.  Jim Bell suggested four sub-committees—Faculty & Education, Administrative, Distance Education, and IT.  The various possibilities were discussed.      

Jim Bell moved to create the four standing sub-committees; David Lightfoot seconded the motion.  The governance sub-committee, comprised of the representatives from the four groups, will meet to specifically define the 4 standing sub-committees, as well as their name and purpose.  Once defined, the members of the standing sub-committees will in turn determine their own specific guidelines and procedures.  Motion approved.  

Old Business:  The iPad pilot from the previous meeting was addressed.  Jim Bell reported that all is going well.  No further decision is needed at this time. 

New Business:  David Lightfoot brought up several new items of concern:  Windows 8, Email Quota, SkyDrive, Office 365 and protocol for agenda items.  John McCullough suggested that agenda items be sent directly to him.  No decisions regarding the other items were made.   

Meeting adjourned at 1:59 pm.

The next meeting is November 19, 2013 at 1 pm in Room 5209. 
Respectfully submitted,
Cindy Wallin, Recorder
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