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E2IT Committee Minutes

The E2IT Committee met on Tuesday, January 28, 2014 at 1 pm in Room 5210.   The following members were present:  John McCullough, Ed McGee, Jim Bell, Cathy Sanders, Shannon McDermott, William Perez, William Osborne, John Lofaso, Marci Brown, and Cindy Wallin.

John McCullough called the meeting to order.  Minutes were approved as posted.    
Committee reports (Faculty & Education, Administrative, Distance Education, and IT):  None given.
Report from Governance Council Meeting:  John McCullough reported on the two proposals E2IT Committee sent to the Council.  The proposal to redesign the college website was voted down.  The request to make Office 365 available to all faculty was dismissed.   

Old Business:
No report on locating funding for the touch screen monitors requested by Jim Bell approved in the last meeting.
No report on iPad trial.  Ed McGee will follow up on those using the iPad.  Jim Bell is using a classroom set from the IT pool.  No other reported use.   

Discussion regarding policy/procedure for conducting business between meetings:   Motion made (Will Perez) and seconded (Ed McGee) to table the discussion.  Motion was approved.

New Business:
Lecture Capture:  Ed McGee led the discussion.  No current funding available.  Only one faculty has expressed interest.  Cost of Panopto (Brand name version) is greater than the demand.  Jim Bell suggested the use of open source applications.  It was moved and approved that Ed McGee should develop a survey to garner interest, select a viable software application, and offer a pilot in Fall 2014. 
Computer Replacement:  This is still a funding issue.  If no funds are available, replacements cannot occur.  It was suggested that IT communicate this clearly with faculty.  The committee moved and approved that IT develop an amendment to the policy and bring it to the next E2IT committee meeting.

Office 365 Report:  IT plans to incrementally phase this in during Fall 2014.  Active students will have access to the suite for $10.  Faculty and staff have access to the mail and Sky Drive portions of 365, but not the office suite. 
iPad project and Technology stipend:  No decision.
Discussion of Faculty Web Sites:  There is no clear venue for faculty sites.  Faculty should contact Ed McGee and he will address them on a case by case issue. 

Meeting adjourned at 2 pm. 
Next Meeting:  Feb 25, 2014 @1 pm.
Respectfully submitted,
Cindy Wallin
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