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The E2IT committee met on Tuesday, February 25, 2014 at 1 PM in room 5207. The following members were present: John McCullough, Jim Bell, Cathy Sanders, Will Osbourne, LaTanya Carter , Shannon McDermott, Ed McGee, Will Sandidge,Barbara Soldivieri, John Lofaso, Marci Brown, and  Cindy Wallin.
John McCullough called the meeting to order.
Reports from Standing Committees: None given
Heavy discussion followed regarding continued need for subcommittees, and if so, membership/leadership/priorities/deadlines for subcommittees. Will Sandidge recommended maintaining subcommittees and immediately assigning leaders, members, and a deadline date to establish a purpose and priorities of each subcommittee. Decision was made that non-E2IT committee members could informally meet with subcommittees and provide feedback, but aren’t official members of the subcommittee. Decision made for subcommittees to meet within next 3 weeks to discuss purposes and priorities of the subcommittees. Since E2IT does not meet in March, an extra was scheduled for Thursday March 30, 2014 at 1 PM. This meeting serves as the deadline for the subcommittees to establish purposes, priorities, and any other additional members. John McCullough will check room availability.
Four subcommittee Chairs and members established:
1.  Faculty and Education:
  1. Chair: Jim Bell (BAH) nominated by Will Sandidge
  2. Other members: John Lofaso (HSS), Cindy Wallin (SME), Shannon McDermott (SME)
  1. Chair: Marcy Brown nominated by Will Sandidge
  2. Other members: Will Sandidge, Cathy Sanders
      3.Distance Education
  1. Chair: Ed McGee nominated by Will Sandidge
  2. Other members: ?
  1. Chair: David Lightfoot nominated by Will Sandidge
  2. Other members: Barbara Soldivieri
  3. Will contact Student Services staff for input
Old Business:
Discussion regarding voting in between meetings: discussion was tabled.
New Business
John Lofaso brings up the computer replacement policy email recently sent by David Lightfoot. David mentions that there has actually not been a documented policy for computer replacement, and in the past, funds were unavailable anyway. Funds are now available, and additional funds could be allocated if we can reduce total PC cost at CVCC without reducing functionality. One possibility is to swap out full PCs for thin clients used by people who only need a web browser. Jim Bell suggested rolling this idea into the IT subcommittee. 
Other discussion was held regarding the use of student tech fees for staff salaries.
The selection of specific laptop/desktop models was an IT decision, but not entirely unilateral – meetings set up for faculty and staff to provide feedback.
Additional new business on the agenda (from Ed McGee and Jim Bell) will be addressed at the next meeting.
Meeting adjourned at 2 PM.
Next meeting: Thursday March 30, 2014 at 1 PM; in addition to our next official meeting on April 8, 2014 at 1 PM
Repsectfully submitted,
Shannon McDermott
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