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E2IT Committee Minutes

The E2IT committee met on Tuesday April 8, 2014 at 1 PM in room 5207. The following members were present: John McCullough, Jim Bell, Cathy Sanders, Shannon McDermott, Ed McGee, Barbara Soldivieri, John Lofaso, Marci Brown, David Lightfoot, Will Perez, and Cindy Wallin.
John McCullough called the meeting to order.
Reports from Standing Sub-Committees:
Administrative:  Marci Brown reported that the sub-committee will be meeting with the Part-Time Staff Association to ascertain their needs, rather than use surveys.  The venue would allow for better response as to staff needs.
Faculty:  Jim Bell has set up a Bb site for discussion between faculty on the sub-committee.  No other report.  
No other reports from the other standing Sub-Committees 

New Business: 
The Committee on Committees requested that each standing committee elect a chair and record for the upcoming year.  The COC also requested that each standing committee select a goal for the upcoming year that would be addressed during the first meeting. 
2014-2015 Chair:  Ed McGee was nominated and unanimously elected.
2014-2015 Recorder:  Shannon McDermott volunteered for the position.  She was unanimously elected. 
Goal:  After significant discussion, the group decided that the first item of business next year would be to determine an effective and appropriate protocoal for conducting business virtually between scheduled meetings.  The use of Blackboard was suggested as a venue for open discussion between meetings.  This would allow everyone the opportunity to present their views regarding specific agenda items.  In turn this would afford the committee more time during the scheduled meetings to actually vote on items and accomplish the mission of the committee.  Additionally, the sub-committees should plan to provide an update of any work completed over the summer.  

The meeting was adjourned at 1:55 pm. 
Respectfully submitted,
Cindy Wallin, Recorder
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