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October 7, 2014
Members Present: Ed McGee, Shannon McDermott, Kirk Gomes, John McCullough, Mike Danos, Will Sandidge, Francie Dye, Jeff Laub, Paul Forrest, David Lightfoot, William Osborne
Guests: Jim Bell
Members Absent: Matt Poteat, Cindy Wallin, Marci Brown, Wil Perez
Ed McGee called the meeting to order.
Minutes from 09/02/14 on Communication Central approved (motioned by John McCullough, seconded by Kirk Gomes).
Old Business:
1)      Updates from E2IT representatives: Nothing to report from John McCullough (Faculty), or Mike Danos (Part-Time Staff). Kevin Riley was not present, but Ed McGee (as chair of Classified Staff) stated there was nothing to report.
2)      Voting between meetings: Ed McGee emailed a motion regarding voting procedure and included a sample online polling form using Google Docs. The sample polling form was used to generate feedback on the motion. The motion states: “A motion can be made during a meeting or between meetings.  A motion made during a meeting can be discussed during the meeting.  A subsidiary motion can be made to vote online between meetings.  A motion can be made between meetings by submitting the motion to the chair. The motion will be distributed to the committee via e-mail with a call for a second. Once seconded, the motion will be put to an online vote. The online vote will be conducted by a poll.  Committee members will have three business days to vote.  Committee members can request a two day extension.  All votes will include the option to table the vote until the next face-to-face meeting.  Votes to table a discussion will count as a temporary “nay” vote.  A motion carries if a majority of voters select “yea.””
a.       Ed McGee stated that most feedback regarded how discussion for motions would be carried out online. He clarified that motions we would vote on between meetings are unlikely to require extensive discussion; however, any member desiring discussion could vote to table the motion until the following face-to-face meeting, at which a discussion could be held.
b.      John McCullough moved to approve Ed McGee’s voting policy, and Paul Forrest seconded.
3)      Amended mission statement: Ed McGee moved to bring the amended mission statement (amended at the previous meeting) to the Governance Council. Discussion followed regarding also amending mission #4 (see below). After the discussion, Jeff Laub moved to accept the new amendment (which will be updated before Ed McGee brings the mission to the Governance Council), and David Lightfoot seconded.
a.       Original mission #4: Submit requests for technology purchases
b.      Amended mission #4: Recommend strategies for technology investments
New Business:
1)      David Lightfoot states that in some classrooms, A/V technology is out of date. To update our current technology introduces some complications. The main concern in updating specifically to digital, high-definition video is that digital materials can be blocked from displaying on the projector due to licensing issues, which can lead to frustrations in the classroom. David introduces another option that bypasses the need for a projector, which is mirroring the instructor’s computer screen to the students’. This option has its own complications. David Lightfoot, Ed McGee, John McCullough, and Jim Bell (as a guest member) volunteered to be on a subcommittee to further investigate possibilities for updating classroom A/V technology. David Lightfoot will ask Mike Fein to also be a guest member of the subcommittee.
2)      David Lightfoot mentions that existing monitors in certain computer lab classrooms will be replaced with widescreen monitors during this semester. He wanted to check if there was any feedback regarding this before it happened. Present members agreed that there was no issue with doing so, but discussion followed regarding a related topic: determining which classrooms are updated first. Jim Bell mentioned that some classrooms may benefit more from having widescreens, but come later on the replacement queue.
3)      Kirk Gomes asked whether CVCC has a license for Camtasia. Ed McGee responds that we have a license for one room, but other faculty may have their own individual licenses. Will Sandidge and Jeff Laub agreed that if Camtasia is needed for individual instructors, the divisions may be able to provide it. Discussion followed regarding whether individual licenses are better than a site-license, and Will Sandidge agreed that in time, a site-license would likely be better, but approval for that would take too long.
4)      Discussion followed regarding managing student printing on campus. David Lightfoot mentions that this is not a new idea, but has failed in the past due to a variety of issues. David Lightfoot and Ed McGee agree to meet together to discuss this further.
Meeting adjourned at 2:01 PM
Submitted by: Shannon McDermott
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