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November 18, 2014
Members Present: Ed McGee, Shannon McDermott, John McCullough, Mike Danos, Francie Dye, William Osborne
Guests: none
Members Absent: Jeff Laub, Kevin Riley, Paul Forrest, Matt Poteat, Kirk Gomes, Cindy Wallin, Marci Brown, Will Sandidge, David Lightfoot, Wil Perez
Ed McGee called the meeting to order.
Minutes from 10/7/14 meeting on Communication Central approved (moved by Mike Danos, seconded by John McCullough).
Reports from subcommittees:
1)      E2IT Representatives: nothing to report from John McCullough (Faculty), or Mike Danos (Part-Time Staff). Kevin Riley was not present, but Ed McGee (as chair of Classified Staff) stated there was nothing to report.
2)      Classroom AV Subcommittee: no update, David Lightfoot is still researching/planning. Subcommittee will report further at the next meeting.
New Business:
1)      Inclement Weather Plans
a.       The faculty desire an easy way to make up classes during snow days. Ed McGee discussed two programs: Google Hangouts and Zoom. Both offer video conferencing, Zoom also can record sessions (ideal for students who may not be able to access from home on that particular day/time). Both are free. These are alternatives to Blackboard Collaborate (which requires a decent amount of training on both the faculty and students’ ends). Will Osborne brings up a concern that Google Hangouts may have a limit to the number of participants. Ed McGee also has a concern that if these programs require installation, students will not be able to use them on campus (unless IT installs them). Ed McGee agreed to send out information about both of these options, and will possibly run a session during Convocation introducing them to faculty. John McCullough also agreed to add this to the Faculty Association Meeting agenda.
Meeting adjourned at 1:30 PM
Submitted by: Shannon McDermott
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