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E2ITJanuary 20, 2015
Members Present: Ed McGee, Shannon McDermott, Jeff Laub, Kevin Riley, Kirk Gomes, Mike Danos, Will Sandidge, Francie Dye, William Osborne
Guests: Jim Bell
Members Absent: Paul Forrest, Matt Poteat, Cindy Wallin, Marci Brown, David Lightfoot, Wil Perez
Ed McGee called the meeting to order.
Minutes from 11/18/14 meeting on Communication Central approved (moved by Mike Danos, seconded by Kirk Gomes).
Reports from subcommittees:
1)      E2IT Representatives: nothing to report from any of the representatives (John McCullough via Ed McGee).
2)      Classroom AV Subcommittee:
a.       Report from David Lightfoot via William Osborne regarding replacement of certain projectors: Certain projectors are out-of-date and cannot project at a 16:9 ratio (standard for HD). Since the computer monitors have been updated to display at this ratio, the projectors will be updated as well.  IT has decided to use 2412 as a demo room, and is currently looking into costs for the installation.
b.      This led to additional discussion of options and concerns that will be brought to the next subcommittee meeting:
                                                               i.      Possibly switching to USB document cameras to replace the ELMOs
                                                             ii.      VCRs may not work with the new projectors, and since some instructors do use them, additional options for viewing that material may be necessary
                                                            iii.      Possibility of using large flat-screen TVs rather than projectors; or whiteboard paint to function as both a whiteboard and a screen
Agenda Items:
1)      FantasTech: Ed McGee recommends attendance at this free, online conference. He will send out relevant information.
2)      TOTAL: Ed McGee discussed TOTAL class options – free courses available for teaching online effectively. He will send out details.
New Business:
1)      Will Sandidge asked whether Ed McGee’s “Online Tools for Inclement Weather” seminar (initially planned for Convocation) has been rescheduled. Ed McGee is working on it.
2)      Jim Bell asked whether we currently have a policy regarding student “attendance” online during an inclement weather closure/delay. Will Sandidge and Jim Bell will discuss this further (not something that E2IT decides).
Meeting adjourned at 1:42 PM
Submitted by: Shannon McDermott​
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