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E2ITFebruary 24, 2015
Members Present: Ed McGee, Shannon McDermott, Paul Forrest, Kirk Gomes, John McCullough, Mike Danos, William Osborne
Guests: Jim Bell
Members Absent: Jeff Laub, Kevin Riley, Matt Poteat, Cindy Wallin, Marci Brown, Will Sandidge, David Lightfoot, Wil Perez, Francie Dye
Ed McGee called the meeting to order.
Minutes from 1/20/15 meeting on Communication Central approved (moved by Mike Danos, seconded by John McCullough).
Reports from subcommittees:
1)      E2IT Representatives:
a.       Nothing to report from any of the representatives (Kevin Riley via Ed McGee).
2)      Classroom AV Subcommittee:
a.       Report from David Lightfoot via William Osborne regarding replacement of certain projectors and projector screens: will be testing out a new whiteboard mount that also functions as a projector screen (traditional whiteboards are not effective screens). The cost of these is slightly more than a regular projector screen but will likely have reduced maintenance/future replacement costs. The new whiteboard has been purchased and will be installed in room 2412 as a demo.

Agenda Items:
1)      Distance Learning Peer Review Process:
a.       The protocol for peer reviewing distance learning courses is over 10 years old, and may need updating. Ed McGee proposes that E2IT review this protocol, with possible subcommittees of policy makers, participants, and people who are not typically part of the distance learning peer review process. Mike Danos moved to add this to E2IT’s agenda for next year, and John McCullough seconded.
New Business:
1)      Jim Bell suggests a more clear way to collect feedback, concerns, and/or requests from faculty and staff. Currently, any relevant issues brought up at constituency meetings are relayed to E2IT via our representatives, but since not everyone attends constituency meetings, Jim Bell suggests something else should be done. Mike Danos recommends that an E2IT email address be used and advertised, perhaps in the Daily Bulletin. Faculty and staff could send their feedback, concerns, and/or requests to the email address, and the chair or other member(s) of E2IT with access to the account could then address those remarks at the next meeting. This email address could be used over many years, with account access changing as members change. Ed McGee will look into this.
2)      Jim Bell is concerned that by removing all administrative rights from faculty and staff (for example, updating existing programs), IT must repeatedly perform menial tasks (typing in an admin password) that take away from the more important IT duties. Will Osborne states that since updates are essentially the same as new installations, they are treated the same way by IT.
Meeting adjourned at 1:42 PM
Submitted by: Shannon McDermott​
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