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September 1, 2015
Members Present: Alison Hyler, David Lightfoot, Ed McGee, Francie Dye, Jim Bell, Kevin Riley, Kirk Gomes, William Osborne
Members Absent: Corinne Hoisington, Dominick Launi, Don Bowman, Jeff Laub, Matt Poteat, Mike Danos, Muriel Mickles, Paul Forest
Ed McGee called the meeting to order at 1:05pm
Minutes from the last meeting (4/7/2015) were discussed with no objections.
Elect new officers
Kevin Riley volunteered as the recorder for the committee for 2015-16 with no objections.  Kirk Gomes volunteered to be the faculty representative for the committee for 2015-16 with no objections. 
Agenda Items
Distance Learning Peer Review Process:
The goal for the E2IT committee is to review the distance learning peer review process.  Current process is over ten years old. 
Classroom Audio/Visual Update:
David presented a handout with areas to discuss about updates to classroom technology with the topics of Lecterns, Classroom tools, Computer labs and Digital Rights Management (DRM).
It is necessary to find out which outdated technologies CVCC can eliminate and which new technology update can be prioritized or to create a priority order.  There was discussion of sending out surveys to faculty or creating a subcommittee, either through the E2IT committee or through the faculty association.  David will ask Muriel to get on the agenda for the Deans’ meeting to gauge what technology faculty are currently using or need. 
New Business
Jim asked about the replacement cycle for faculty PCs.  William and David answered that they are currently on a four to five year replacement cycle.
The meeting adjourned at 2:03pm.
Submitted by: Kevin Riley
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