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October 6, 2015
Members Present: David Lightfoot, Ed McGee, Francie Dye, Jim Bell, Mike Danos, Kevin Riley, Kirk Gomes, Paul Forest, William Osborne
Members Absent: Alison Hyler, Corinne Hoisington, Dominick Launi, Don Bowman, Jeff Laub, Matt Poteat, Muriel Mickles, 
Ed McGee called the meeting to order at 1:05pm
Minutes from the last meeting (9/1/2015) were discussed and approved with no objections.
Updates from staff/faculty:
Kirk Gomes: Faculty-No report
Kevin Riley: Staff-No report
Mike Danos: Part-time Staff-No report 
Classroom Audio/Visual Update:
David will begin creating a survey for faculty about classroom technology needs.  David talked about the possibility of offering a Brownbag session the issue to get feedback on the issue or that a Brownbag session on SchoolVue for faculty and staff could also be presented.  There was discussion that SchoolVue training might be better served in a different format.  The large LCD TV that was originally in room 5114 is now located in the conference room 5210 in Merritt Hall.  VMI recently moved to model using similar TVs last summer.  If needed, a visit to VMI could be scheduled to see how well it is working there and if it would be a fit for CVCC.  The David will work on the survey to faculty and send it to members of the committee to get feedback. 
New Business
Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Support:
David brought up the need for IT policies for Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) students with it being more prevalent now and with the Open Educational Resources (OER) pilot.  Lynchburg City Schools is also providing their juniors and seniors with a Chromebook which will lead to more students bringing their own device.  What would be the expectation for the IT department and faculty to help with students who bring their own device to CVCC?  The responsibility would fall on the user but are there resources where the user should be sent to seek help. 
More students bringing their own devices leads to problems that need to be planned for such as power needs/costs, need for power outlets, and power strips and make sure that they all follow fire codes.  This would also lead to the possible need to change classroom design for A/V products and devices such as computer labs or classrooms with half the seats with CVCC computers and half the seats with space for students’ personal devices.
The meeting adjourned at 1:50pm.
Submitted by: Kevin Riley
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