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November 17, 2015
Members Present: David Lightfoot, Ed McGee, Francie Dye, Jeff Laub, Mike Danos, Kevin Riley, Paul Forest
Guest: Cheryl Cunningham
Members Absent: Alison Hyler, Corinne Hoisington, Dominick Launi, Don Bowman, Kirk Gomes, Matt Poteat, Muriel Mickles, 
Ed McGee called the meeting to order at 1:04pm
Minutes from the last meeting (10/6/2015) were discussed and approved with no objections.
Updates from staff/faculty:
Kirk Gomes: Faculty-Absent
Kevin Riley: Staff-No report
Mike Danos: Part-time Staff-No report 
Ed mentioned that Room 5213, in Merritt Hall, will be the permanent meeting room for the committee for the rest of the academic year and that the roster for the committee is now up to date.
David distributed copies of the classroom technology survey he has been working on to send to all faculty.  The committee went through the survey question by question and made changes where appropriate.  The sections regarding VHS and transparency projectors will be taken out of the survey and a motion was made by Mike and seconded by David to eliminate use of VHS and transparency projectors at CVCC by Fall 2016. This motion will be sent to the College Governance Committee for the December 1, 2015 meeting.  Jeff will bring up the topic at the deans meeting.  David will send out the updated survey to the present committee members after the changes have been made. 
During the survey discussion, Ed mentioned possible upcoming regulations that would require captioning/transcription for all videos used in the classroom and that should be kept in mind when planning for classroom technology needs.
Submitted by: Kevin Riley
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