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October 4, 2016
Members Present: Cindy Wallin, Ed McGee, Ernie Wade, Jim Bell, Kevin Riley, Michelle Fluker, Mike Danos, Muriel Mickles, Rebecca Honeycutt
Guest: William Osborne
Members Absent: Cathy Sanders, Corinne Hoisington, David Lightfoot, Dominick Launi, Don Bowman
Call to Order
Ed McGee called the meeting to order at 1:00pm.
Minutes from the last meeting (8/30/2016) were discussed.  A motion to approve the minutes was made by Mike Danos and seconded by Ernie Wade.  The motion to approve the minutes passed. 
Discuss/elect/appoint Faculty, Classified Staff, and Part-time Staff representatives
There was discussion on appointing E2IT representatives for each of the constituency groups.  Mike Danos had been the representative for the Part-time Staff but stated that there was a different representative this year.  Kevin will continue to serve as the Classified Staff representative and Ernie agreed to be the Faculty representative. 
eLET update
Ed stated that he is the chair-elect for the eLearning and Educational Technology (eLET) Committee, meaning he will be the chair of the committee next year.  Ed said that one of eLET’s tasks for the coming year is to assess Learning Management Systems (LMS), make sure Blackboard, which is currently being used, is the best choice, and explore alternatives if needed.  The Technology Council will also be looking into assessing LMS options. 
Ed mentioned to the committee to send any eLET committee concerns to him since he is the representative for CVCC on the committee. David Lightfoot is the CVCC representative for the Technology Council.  Kevin is also on the Technology Council this year as the Institutional Research representative. 
Lecture Capture
Ed brought up the topic of lecture capture.  He has had conversations with David about this and wanted to ask the committee if they thought this was a topic worth pursuing.  Talking about Panopto, Ernie stated that lecture capture has many uses and could be used for OER classes.  Jim Bell said that Panopto was good but expensive.  Jim records his lectures with more inexpensive software and posts them to the CVCC media server for his classes and that it would be better to explore more inexpensive software before a more expensive contract software service.  A joint contract with Virginia Western Community College for Panopto is a possibility. 
Blackboard Collaborate was brought up but it was discussed that that does not do a good job of recording lectures and takes up to 24 hours after recording to post.  Ed advised the committee to consider the difference between creating media for a course and lecture capture as they are different concepts.  Ed also reminded the committee that lecture capture videos and postings have to be ADA compliant.  Ed has looked into it and the least inexpensive transcribing service he has found costs $1 per minute.  Transcribing by YouTube and similar services is not very accurate at this time. 
Ed stated that he wanted to check out OneNote more since it can record audio and video, lecture notes can be added to the file and students can add their own notes.  OneNote is part of Microsoft Office so all employees at CVCC would have access to it.
The question came up of should we invite a representative from one of the lecture capture software companies to give a demonstration for the faculty.  Ed said that it would be better to explore all options first before bringing someone in for a demonstration. 
New Business
Rebecca stated that the wireless projector she uses in the Areva building worked well but she experienced lag problems with the wireless projector she was using in Merritt.  William will check on this.   
Ernie asked about the possibility of getting a wireless mouse with laser pointer.  He was advised to check with his division office about ordering one. 
The meeting was adjourned at 1:30pm.
Submitted by Kevin Riley
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