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April 4, 2017
Members Present: Cathy Sanders, Cindy Wallin, David Lightfoot, Ed McGee, Ernie Wade, Kevin Riley, Mike Danos, Rebecca Honeycutt
Members Absent: Corinne Hoisington, Dominick Launi, Don Bowman, Jim Bell, Michelle Fluker, Muriel Mickles
Call to Order
Ed McGee called the meeting to order at 1:05pm.
Approval of the minutes from the last meeting
David motioned for approval of the previous meeting’s minutes, Mike seconded, and the minutes were unanimously approved. 
Updates from the Constituency Groups
Ernie – Faculty: no update
Kevin – Classified Staff: A Classified Staff member mentioned last week that streaming the Classified Staff Association meetings was working very well.
Mike – Part-time Staff: There will be a pizza fundraiser coming up for the part-time staff
CVCC Website
The new CVCC website has launched since the last meeting.  Many of the comments about the new website have been positive.  Mike asked for a way to get back to the website once you were on the intranet.  Rebecca commented on not being able to see the name of the instructor for a class on the class schedule on the website.  David stated that that was the case because that section is optimized for mobile devices and would only allow a set number of columns to appear neatly on those devices.  There will be a page created by Wil Perez for faculty, staff, etc., to submit feedback for the website for changes that need to be made. 
Learning Management System
Ed commented that the VCCS is still in a three-year contract with Blackboard but the LMS workgroup thinks that they can get out of it if it is recommended to switch to a new learning management system.  At New Horizons this year, Blackboard Ultra, Desire2Learn, and Schoology will be displayed to try out.
Direction of the Committee
Ed stated that after three years as chairman of the E2IT Committee that he would prefer not to be the chairman for the upcoming year.  Kevin was nominated and elected as the E2IT Committee chairman for the 2017-18 year.  The Recorder for the committee will be elected next year.  David and Ed both commented about that one of the purposes of the committee was to be a conduit for faculty and staff to bring technology ideas for use in the classroom or their offices. 
There was discussion of how bring your own device (BYOD) would work and what the responsibility of the IT department would be for troubleshooting devices that would not work.
Software Review
It was brought up that the committee could review a list of software that is purchased from the VCCS System Office to ensure that it is being used here at CVCC. 
Updates from IT about upcoming technologies
David talked about a service that will be added to the website that will include labor market information for occupations based on program offerings.  There will also be a system called VIP-Pass that will interface with PeopleSoft that will help on-board students and direct them to the program they need for their intended career path. 
Informal Training Sessions
Ed will offer informal training sessions on various topics starting with Google Drive on Wednesday, April 5, from 2-4pm in Room 2309 in Bedford Hall. 
The meeting was adjourned at 2:00pm. 
Submitted by Kevin Riley
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