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E2IT Committee
August 29, 2017
Room 2309
1:00 PM
Members Present: David Lightfoot, Donna Hobbs, Ed McGee, Ernie Wade, Kevin Riley, Lorna Nelson, Mike Danos, Muriel Mickles, Rebecca Honeycutt,
Members Absent: Cathy Sanders, Cindy Wallin, Jim Bell, Wendy Ayers
  1. Call to order
Kevin called the meeting to order at 1:05pm. 
  1. Approval of minutes from the last meeting
The committee unanimously approved the minutes from the last meeting. 
  1. Elect Recorder
Lorna volunteered to be the recorder for the committee as long as she was staying on the committee. 
  1. Review the goals and objectives of the E2IT Committee
The committee reviewed the mission of the E2IT committee as stated on Communication Central.  Kevin will make sure that the correct mission is listed on Communication Central. 
  1. Identify agenda items to address during the year
The committee discussed several items to pursue during the year including:
            VIP-Pass implementation
            Create a CVCC Printer Policy
            Technology related training/Professional Development
            Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Policy
            Amherst/Campbell remodeling technology plans
            Learning Management System (LMS) updates
            PeopleSoft/SIS updates
Kevin will send out a list of these items for the committee to prioritize and review before the next meeting.  Lorna will email Alison Moore regarding technology related Professional Development. 
  1. New business
There was no new business
  1. Adjournment
The meeting was adjourned at 1:55pm.  The next meeting will be moved to Thursday, October 5, 2017 at 1:00 PM. 

Submitted by Lorna Nelson
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