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E2IT Meeting1:00 p.m. October 5, 2017
Room 2309

Members present: Mike Danos, Donna Hobbs, Muriel Mickles, Ed McGee, Lorna Nelson, Kevin Riley, Cathy Sanders, Ernie Wade, and Cindy Wallin
Members absent: Wendy Ayers, Jim Bell, Rebecca Honeycutt, David Lightfoot
1. Call to order. Kevin called the meeting to order at 1:05.
2. Approval of last meeting’s minutes. Unanimously approved.
3. Review of E2IT Priority Survey created and executed flawlessly by Kevin:
1. Tech training / professional development
3. Printer policy
These 3 issues will be addressed by the committee this year.
4. No real news on the LMS.
5. SIS update will be complete by December 18.
6. Major discussion: Printer policy
VWCC’s WEPA Policy was explained and discussed, based on Kevin’s research. Students use print cards at kiosks to pay for printing.
We have some cost information on printing at CVCC:
The Business Lab spent $2,703.83 for FY 2016 and $2,698.52 for FY 2017.
Pam Reynolds thinks a new printer policy for CVCC is promising because students could use financial aid to pay for printing, it should reduce wasteful printing, and it could create a few jobs for students monitoring the kiosks.
The Library spent the following for printer cartridges:
FY 2015  $1,764
FY 2016  $ 0
FY 2017  $2, 555
Mike Fein reports that the library may build up reserves of printer ink, so the cost may vary greatly from year to year.
Points raised during the exploratory discussion regarding a possible new print policy for CVCC:
Muriel suggested that we could benefit from a presentation by one of the colleges that has already instituted a pay print policy. These include VWCC, Patrick Henry, and Rappahannock. Several organizations and divisions within CVCC should be included, such as students, Student Services, and Financial Aid.
There was strong agreement that we do not want to create a new barrier for students and that we must proceed carefully.
Kevin offered to continue investigating specific policies as well as the possibility of getting a speaker from one of these colleges.
The meeting was adjourned at 1:40.
The next meeting will be on November 14.
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