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E2IT Committee
April 03, 2018
Room 2313
1:00 PM
Members Present: Cathy Sanders, Ernie Wade, Kevin Riley, Lorna Nelson, Mike Danos, Rebecca Honeycutt, Ed McGee
Also Present: Deborah Bauer
Members Absent: Muriel Mickles, Cindy Wallin, Jim Bell, Wendy Ayers David Lightfoot, Donna Hobbs
The meeting was called to order at 1:00. The minutes from the last meeting were approved.
New Business:
·         Chair selection: Tabled until next fall.
·         Recorder selection: Tabled until next fall.
·         Next steps for wireless printing initiative:
o   Some details of paying for student printing were reviewed
o   A new budget request will probably be required to fund student assistance during the transition
o   We are ready to move forward in the fall with a recommendation
·         Reminder that the LMS switch will occur during the summer of 2019 and that we are moving to an SAS (cloud-based) system
The meeting was adjourned at 1:15.
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