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Committee Name:        Educational, E-Learning, and Information Technology Committee (E2IT)
Meeting Date:              August 28, 2018
Members Present (list): Muriel Mickles, David Lightfoot, Cindy Wallin, Jim Atkinson,
                                  Ashley Pearson, Twila DeMasters
Members Absent(list):  Deborah Bauer, Ed McGee, Wendy Ayers, Lorna Nelson, Donna Hobbs,
                                  Jim Bell
Old Business:
New Business:
David stated that projectors are being changed in classrooms to the new laser models which better meet ADA requirements.
David gave an overview of an employee campus calendar that was presented to the President’s Cabinet that is in the exploratory stages.  This calendar could include campus events such as History Day and Art Fair, Employee Pay Dates, Committee Meetings, etc.
Discussion was held regarding adding a calendar to the website for external viewing by students.
David reveiwed the Speak command in Outlook and Word.  The group suggested resending the August 20 email regarding this feature.
The group would like to offer a brown bag lunch session to highlight some of the features of Outlook that may make our employees more efficient through the use of the existing technology.  Muriel will work with Alison Moore to offer through the Professional Development Committee.
Recommendations to the College Governance Committee:
Suggestions/Items to be shared with other groups (not recommendations but information that may be of value to other policy or program committees, or the constituency groups):
Submitted by (Recorder’s name):                Twila DeMasters
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