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November 13, 2018 at 1pm

Members Present: Jim Atkinson, Wendy Ayers, Deborah Bauer, Michael Danos, Twila DeMasters, Ed McGee, Lorna Nelson, William Perez, Lorna Nelson, Cindy Wallin
Members Absent: Jim Bell, Muriel Mickels, Ashley Pearson

Cindy Wallin called the meeting to order.

Michael moved to approve the minutes from the last meeting and they were approved.
Old Business

The current charge listed on communication central is up to date and will remain our focus for the year.

Campus Calendar - Wil thinks they have been approved by cabinet but David Lightfoot is experimenting how to technically accomplish this. D.L. will update at the next meeting.

Muriel will speak to Alison to promote more brown bag lunches for Professional Development and promote best practices. We are a conduit for promoting technology and try to facilitate getting more presentations. Twila is looking into having some presentations too. Should we promote training for what works with Canvas as well as Canvas?” “Turn it in” will most likely continue to be the plagiarism software.  All 3rd party vendors have to be vetted through VCCS.

Ed will have more information at our next meeting regarding potential revisions to the Distance Educational Policy.
New Business

Lorna spoke about orientation for online learning-quality matters. Lorna suggested the possibility of requiring students to complete an online survey that would provide the student information on what to expect and whether online coursework is appropriate for them. (ie. Survey for students: Are you ready?)

She also suggested the possibility of a webpage with links to information and resources for online students.
Currently students are not required to complete their ROLL course before taking an online course.
Lorna recommended a two part orientation approach:
  1. students receive a certificate for completion of LMS training.
  2. An online success orientation.
Lorna and Ed will bring some samples of different orientations to the next meeting to show what we can possibly do.

Lorna suggested that faculty be required to complete training for online teaching as there is nothing available now.

TOP (Teaching Online Program) and IDOL (Instructional Design for Online Learning) are in the process of being revamped. Need self-paced online learning for faculty. Questions were raised regarding the peer review process of current online courses and the need for it.

Lorna made a motion that CVCC create a web page specifically targeted to online students. To provide orientation and resources to help them determine whether online coursework is right for them.  This page would include the survey and resources/information for distance ed. Students. Ed seconded the motion. This motion was passed unanimously. 

Twila reported that outlook training is being talked about by David Lightfoot and workforce may provide the training at convocation.

Wil Perez reported that course related information that has been developed by faculty should be housed in Canvas instead of linked through the CVCC web site. Although this is not official yet, Wil Perez will work with those particular faculty to assist in that transition as necessary.

Ed McGee presented a review of Canvas.

Meeting Adjourned at 2 pm. Next meeting January 22, 2019
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