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Committee Name: Educational, E-Learning, and Information Tech Committee
Meeting Date: 1/21/2019 12:00:00 AM
Will Osborne, Jim Atkinson, Wendy Ayers, Deborah Bauer, Lorna Nelson, Donna Hobbs, Ed McGee, Twila DeMasters, Muriel Mickles, Cindy Wallin, Ashley Pearson
Jim Bell, David Lightfoot
Cindy called the meeting to order and the minutes from our last meeting were reviewed and approved.  
Cindy reported that she took motion from our previous meeting to the Governance Committee. Dr. Capps suggested forming an ad hoc committee, comprised of some for the E2IT committee, as well as a cross-section of other faculty, to review the Distance Education policy in entirety and present a comprehensive package to the Governance Committee. 
Ed reported that there is a lot going on at the state level regarding Distance Ed and believes that within the next six months we will see updates.
Donna Hobbs asked what we are doing to ensure that adjuncts who teach online classes are creating classes that students can follow.
Muriel Mickles suggested that the ad hoc committee should address peer review of online courses.
Lorna shared that online instructors need online training and that CVCC should adhere to the best practices of orientation for online learning and course orientation.
Ed reminded us that they are revamping TOP (Teaching Online Program and IDOL (Instructional Design for Online Learning). So we can offer training to instructors.
Cindy suggested the ad hoc committee work on student support of online classes along with the information that Ed gets from the state level.
There was discussion about who should be on the committee. Muriel suggested members of the E21T committee as well as the Deans. Ed would set up the committee. Cindy suggested we include students; perhaps Student Ambassadors. The committee agreed it would be good to include them. Cindy also reminded us that online courses are common and we need to make sure we provide the best online experience we can for our students.
Cindy moved to form an ad hoc committee which would focus on distance education policies and distance education students at CVCC. Ed McGee will serve as chair along with respective faculty and students. Donna Hobbs seconded this motion. All approved and the motion was passed.
Ed presented the student side of Canvas.  Students see a check mark when they complete an activity. There is a calendar showing due date assignments for classes.  Canvas is set up to never be more than three clicks away from what you need. Donna asked how to add a syllabus and Ed shared that we could create a syllabus template that would fit into Canvas.  Right now it is being put in Module one. Ed shared that Canvas is designed to be used on a mobile device.
Ed suggested we think about what good navigation would look like and make it standard at CVCC. There will be training over the next few weeks and Cindy encourages faculty to go.
Cindy closed the meeting by asking if there were any other questions on the Distance Education policy and ad hoc committee. If questions, let Ed know and spread the word to others about the committee and if interested talk with Ed. 
Meeting adjourned at 1:43.
Ashley Pearson
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