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Committee Name: E2IT
Meeting Date: 9/30/2019 12:00:00 AM
David Lightfoot
Ed McGee
Twila DeMasters
Michel Mavinga
Jee Kang
Jim Atkinson
Ashley Pearson
Deborah Bauer
Tim Wilhelm
Lisa Aikens
Mike Alderman
Jim Bell
Muriel Mickles 
No old business discussed
Jim Atkinson asked whether something could be installed on classroom computers to lock them. David Lightfoot explained that CVCC has School View, this product locks computers. David said that faculty can contact the IT Helpdesk and they can install it in their classroom. Ed will send an all faculty email about School View and look into creating a video to share with faculty on how School View works.
David has set up a teams site for the committee to look at the contract between VCCS and WEPA (pay to print system.
Jee shared that that the computers in Campbell hall are always out of paper.
David pointed out that printing costs are higher now.
We could work with the bookstore to sell cards that could be used to pay for printing and students could use their financial aid to pay for the cards.
Ed will send out faculty to get their input on the pay to print system.
none at this time
none at this time
Ashley Pearson
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