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Committee Name: E2IT
Meeting Date: 11/11/2019 12:00:00 AM
Twila Demasters
Mike Fein
Jee Kang
David Lightfoot
Michael Mavinga
Ashley Pearson
Cindy Wallin
Tim Wilhelm
Mary Zoccola
Lisa Aiken
Mike Alderman
Jim Atkinson
Jm Bell
Gale Kiger
Ed McGee
Muriel Mickles

The meeting began with discussion on feedback from survey sent to faculty regarding print to pay model.

Mike Fein stated that the survey was oriented toward classroom printing. David Lightfoot mentioned that there is no oversite on printing in open classrooms. He shared that pay to print is standard practice for a lot of colleges. Also the pay to print system would be 3,500 dollars for a year.

Mike Fein shared that the library is pay to print after 5 copies students pay 5 cents a copy.They use between 5-7 boxes of paper a month in the library.

Cindy Wallin asked how much paper the business lab is using. Tim will ask Pam Reynolds. The question was raised as to whether we have talked to Lewis about pay to print.

Mary Zoccola suggested we ask other schools what their experience has been with pay to print

We had discussion around what the payment method would be for students to pay to print. It looks as though students can use a credit card, debit or pre-paid card.

It was suggested that we get feedback from students regarding pay to print. Cindy suggested going to SGA to get feedback. It was decided to create a survey to email to students. Ashley Pearson will work on creating the survey and then send to the committee for review.

Ashley Perason
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