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Committee Name: E2IT
Meeting Date: 2/24/2020 12:00:00 AM
Jim Atkinson
Gaye Kiger
David Lightfoot
Ed McGee
Ashley Pearson
Tim Wilhelm
Lisa Aiken
Jim Alderman
Jim Bell
Twila DeMasters
Jeesuk Kang
Michael Mavinga
Muriel Mickles
Cindy Wallin
Discussed Tim’s findings regarding paper usage in the business lab. Tim’s research found that we spend 12,198 on paper a year.
Ed met with Student Ambassadors about the pay to print model and they were ambivalent, they assume that students at other schools have to pay.
Discussion was had on whether we would continue to have printers on campus if we went to pay to print. Since if we moved to pay to print we would have 2 or 3 printing kiosks for printing.
We decided to move forward with a writing a recommendation for pay to print to be taken to the Governance Committee. Ed will draft a recommendation and will send it to the committee for feedback.
Jim asked whether we could have printing reserved for faculty, where they would log in to print on campus. David pointed out that faculty have printers in their offices or division offices.
The question of what off-site centers would do came up. Also the question of cost-benefit analysis also came up.
Ashley Pearson
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