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Committee Name: E2IT
Meeting Date: 1/26/2021 12:00:00 AM
Jim Bell
Jason Ferguson
Marci Gale
Debbie Gilliam
David Lightfoot
Michael Mavinga
Ed McGee
Ashley Pearson
Muriel Mickles
Tim Wilhelm
Mike Alderman
Twila DeMasters
Donna HObbs
Pay to print plan has been what we have been focusing on in our last meetings. Marci Gale suggested we wait until after the pandemic to see if there is even a need. Marci motioned to table until we are back on campus. All approved and the motion was passed.

Marci asked if there was any way to change publishing set up for zoom recordings. Ed said there is not.
Discussion was had on BYOD. David Lightfoot shared that we can’t use state funds to buy computers to loan to students. If we moved to BYOD and they were damaged we could possibly lend them a loaner while being fixed. K-12 are using chromebooks things are moving from paper to electronic.
Jason Ferguson shared that EMS classes adapted a digital package and the publisher agreed to lower cost of hardcopy of they had digital package.
Marci Gale asked if the bookstore could contract with companies to provide electronic devices. David Lightfoot said that Lewes would be the one to talk to about hat.
Ashley Pearson
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