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Committee Name: E2IT
Meeting Date: 3/2/2021 12:00:00 AM
Debbie Gillam, David Lightfoot, Muriel Mickles, Jason Ferguson, Gayle Kiger, Ed McGee, Marci Gale, Michael Mavinga, Ashley Pearson
Tim Wilhelm, Mike Alderman, Donna Hobbs, Jim Bell, Twilla DeMasters
Ed McGee shared that quality matters training for faculty through D.E department is on the horizon.
David Lightfoot shared that the fluid implementation was coming for student side. Not sure when this will be rolled out but it will impact how things are done in SIS for students.
We discussed Hyflex classrooms and the goal of 10 classrooms this fall. David Lightfoot shared we need technical and instructional support for Hyflex classrooms. Discussion was had around the teaching model/pedagogy of Hyflex . Marci shared that Southside is using Hyflex and they could serve as a resource for us. Debbie Gilliam asked if they would be any in the off-site center classrooms. David McGee brought up zoom rooms and how that would allow for monitoring Hyflex classrooms. David stated we are getting 5 licenses for zoom rooms.
Muriel shared that we will be 60% online and 40% on campus this fall. We are looking at what needs to be done to properly social distance on campus for the fall.
Ashley Pearson
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