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Committee Name: E2IT
Meeting Date: 1/25/2022 12:00:00 AM
Jim Tuite, Chair; Ed McGee, Secretary
Jessica Coco, Twila DeMasters, Jason Ferguson, Debbie Gillam, Gayle Kiger, David Lightfoot, Jake Lofaso, Ed McGee, Kris Ogden, John McCullough

  1. Approval of the Minutes (please review prior to the meeting)
Kris Ogden David Lightfoot
  1. Management of Removeable Storage Devices
David Lightfoot reported that the motion did not pass Governance Committee
  1. HyFlex Classroom Configuration (A Hybrid-Flexible or HyFlex course is a student-centered model of class delivery that can integrate in-class instruction, online synchronous video sessions, or asynchronous content delivery)
    • What should Hyflex look like (configuration) at CVCC
      1. Jess Coco – Bedford campus – too many small screens; need one big screen and a touch screen. She uses her personal iPad with a wireless connection.
      2. David Lightfoot – should be able to use Surface Pro; Jess – tried, but it is too sensitive and still requires a wireless connection; Jim Tuite – using personal devices requires each teacher to configure their system, which wouldn’t happen if their was a dedicated classroom computer; David L – big screens will break the budget; Ed McGee – would a document camera work for pointing at things? Omnidirectional mics are great; David L – required to have 10% of classrooms high-flex, so meet that requirement first then work through the details
      3. Kris Ogden – who is the target audience for the Hi-Flex classroom? Right now we don’t make that distinction when presenting class offerings to students. Faculty also need specific training otherwise we will spend thousands of dollars on equipment that will be underutilized.
      4. Ed McGee – we are currently using Zoom as a substitute classroom and it is not designed to meet the necessary requirements for teaching.
      5. Jake Lofaso – has experience with Hi-Flex as a student; it was very isolating and impersonal
      6. Ed McGee endorsed the HyFlex light approach
Motion to Adjourn David Lightfoot. Second Jason Frguson. 1:46 PM
Ed McGee
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