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 Employee Recognition Committee
Meeting Minutes
Date and Time:      Tuesday, 4/9/2013; 1:00pm – 2:00pm
Present:                 Kellee Barbour, Liz Boothe, Mary Canfield, Mary Evans, Leticia V. Forster, Shannon Hines, Gayle Kiger, and Dianne Sykes
Absent:                  Tom Sparhawk
Next Meeting:        No additional meeting this fiscal year
·        Discussed the Employee Recognition Awards being given out at the Spring Luncheon on 4/24/2013.
·        Leticia will send out an Everyone email stating that the nomination period for Outstanding Part-time Staff and Outstanding Administrative Faculty Award will be take place from 4/9/2013-4/15/2013.
·        Leticia will email a list of part-time and admin faculty employees to Everyone.
·        Leticia will forward the nominations to the committee by Tuesday, 4/16/2013.
·        Nomination choices are to be emailed back to Leticia by Wednesday, 4/17/2013.
·        We will present a certificate with the award instead of a plaque. HR will create the certificate. Payroll will have the monetary award paid on the 5/1/2013 pay date for full-time and 4/29/2013 for part-time as a direct deposit.
·       We briefly discussed future employee recognition awards that will be considered for the 2013-2014 fiscal year.
·        Meeting adjourned at 2:00pm.
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