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Thursday, September 18, 2014 (Rescheduled)
Room: 3209Called to Order:  1:03pm
Present: Caroline Bailey, Cheryl Cunningham, Liz Boothe, Debra Short, Juville Dario-Becker, and Connie Deacon.
Absent: Kathy Kidd, Lisa Hodges, and John Poole
Old Business:
  • Connie welcomed the new and returning members to the Employee Recognition Committee.
  • The mission statement was pointed out for new members, as well as the meeting minutes for 04-18-14 and the location of past minutes in Communication Center.
  • Connie reviewed the members for the committee and where there is a need for members.
New Business:
  • Due to Leticia’s move John Poole is the interim HR representative until the position is filled.
  • Caroline Bailey was elected as the new recorder. Her responsibilities were explained by Connie and accepted.
  • John Poole informed Connie, before the meeting, that the budget for 2014-15 is $3,000, the same as last years. Next, Connie reviewed each award and the award’s amount from last year. Connie suggested that we continue with last year’s award amounts. The total for all the awards comes to $2,975 and the committee agrees that the extra $25 could be given as a gift card for additional recognition.
  • Liz Boothe explained the definition of Administrative Faculty because there is confusion pertaining to the title. She said that it includes deans, professional librarians, professional counselors, and vice-presidents.  
  • Connie believes that it would be a great experience for others to aid in the process of handing out Cougar awards. Seeing the excitement and gratitude from the winners when handed the award confirms why the ERC exists. 
  •  A suggestion was made regarding signatures on the awards and to makes sure they look neat and authentic.
  • Juville raised a concern about filling the needed members. Connie is going to contact Muriel for the Public Relations and Student Representative. There are four places vacant, two part-time, one Public Relations Representative, and one Student Representative. Caroline added that it is very difficult to gain volunteers from the part-time staff and said that she is the part-time representative for two committees. 
  • Connie gave the members homework to complete before meeting again on Tuesday, October 7th—to review each of the awards and all the information provided on each award and give suggestions for changes. This information is found under Faculty/Staff on the CVCC home page, under Employee Recognition Program.
Connie thanked all of the committee members for attending.
Meeting Adjourned: 1:30 pm
Caroline Bailey
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