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Employee Recognition Committee Meeting Minutes- October 7, 2014
Tuesday October 7, 2014
Room 3213
Called to Order: 1:03 pm
Present: Caroline Bailey, Liz Boothe, Kathy Kidd, Debra Short, Juville Dario-Becker, and Connie Deacon
Absent: John Poole, Cheryl Cunningham, and Lisa Hodges
Old Business:
  • Approval of last meeting’s minutes. Kathy approved Liz seconded.
  • Connie talked with Muriel Mickles and Linda Adams pertaining to the shortage of members. Muriel said that most of the committees are having this problem. Linda is trying to get student representatives. Also, Caroline will try to get two more Part-Time staff members to join at the next Part-Time Meeting.
  • Kathy asked where the students came from, i.e. work study or ambassadors. Connie believes they are student ambassadors.
  • Connie sent out the Cougar Award nomination email to everyone and Linda Adams, to include the students.
New Business:
  • In order to make previous winners of the awards available to the college, Dianne Sykes is creating a list of previous winners since 2000. Connie and Dianne discussed this earlier in the day. Dianne talked with Wil Perez about putting the list on the Employee Recognition Website as a tab on the right with the awards. Connie believes, with the rest of the committee, that this will cut down on confusion and help with the decision process.
  • Connie asked if there were any suggestions on updating the Employee Recognition webpage. Liz said that the phrases “These pages are currently being re-worked. Check back soon” and “These awards are interim at this time” should be removed since they have been on the site for over a year. The whole committee agreed.
  • There is, also, a concern by the committee that not enough faculty/staff are caring enough to take the time to fill out the form to nominate a colleague.
  • Debra brought up that it is probably because the form is separated to a degree that intimidates people into not taking the time to nominate someone. She suggested that we simplify the form. Liz recommended having only one box with one question, such as “address any or all of the following criteria in your nomination”. The new format will be presented at the next Governance Committee Meeting at the end of the month. Connie agreed to fill out the necessary paper work. The committee believes that this will encourage more participation from employees because they will not be intimidated by having to answer multiple questions.
  • Juville asked how many Cougar Awards nominations does the committee receive per month and Connie answered “not many but the committee will present three for August, September, and October at the end of October”.
Connie thanked all of the committee members for attending.
Meeting Adjourned: 1:50 pm

Caroline Bailey
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