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Employee Recognition Committee Meeting Minutes- November 18, 2014

Tuesday, November 18, 2014
Room 3213
Called to Order: 1:03 pm
Present: Cheryl Cunningham, Juville Dario-Becker, Debra Short, Kathy Kidd, Liz Boothe Connie Deacon, and Caroline Bailey
Absent: John Poole and Lisa Hodges

Old Business:
  • Approval of last meeting’s minutes. Juville approved, Kathy seconded.
  • Wil Perez removed the phrases “These pages are currently being reworked. Check back soon.” and “these awards are interim at this time” from the Employee Recognition page.
  • Dianne Sykes asked Wil Perez to include a section to display past recipients to ensure that a nominator will know who they can and cannot nominate. Everyone agreed it looks wonderful!
  • Connie showed the committee the Committee Recommendation Form for changing the design of the nomination form for all the awards on the web page, except the Outstanding Faculty Award. It was submitted on 10/21/14 to the chair of the Governance Committee.
  • The Cougar Award was given out for August, September, and October to Kim French, Caroline Bailey, and Sue Cochrane. All recipients were grateful and surprised. Caroline stated that it was nice to be recognized and felt appreciated. Kathy said that Kim was very surprised when she received her award when she returned the following week.
  • A check was written to Connie for $250 and deposited then used to buy the gift cards to Target. John Poole, earlier, suggested buying the gift cards from Target. Each recipient, mentioned above, received a $25 gift card to Target and a certificate (which was revised by Connie and everyone liked the new design). Caroline and Sue received their reward on 11/05/14 and Kim received her 11/11/14.
  • To comply with auditing standards, Accounting asked Connie to form a log documenting the recipient. Connie, then, showed the committee the log. The recipient’s name, signature, and date received are needed when the award is given to them.
  • Dianne Sykes put the Cougar Award recipients in the Daily Bulletin on 11/06/14.
  • Cheryl presented the Employee Recognition Committee’s proposal to change the layout for the Nomination Forms for all Awards, expect the Outstanding Faculty Award, at the Governance Committee Meeting on 10/28/14. Connie stated she did a great job and the proposal was voted on then passed.
  •  Connie, then, presented the “accepted” proposal to the President’s Cabinet on Monday, November 3rd, 2014. Peter Dorman suggested a bigger box but came to the conclusion it was not needed after closer look and explanation. Dr. Capps suggested great marketing methods to advertise the new form and the awards themselves. See suggestions below:
  • Ask Diane to put in the Daily Bulletin about the deadline for nominations
  • Email using the “everyone” addressee that the Nomination Forms have been revised. Connie will see if Linda Adams will send the email to the students to allow them the opportunity to nominate a Faculty/Staff member. Juville raised the question about students not reading emails and how they should be mandatory to use the email ensuring the students receive all the information they need. Then she asked, about how long the email stays with each student? Kathy answered that myCVCC only stays active 10 years after the student leaves CVCC. Connie suggested that they bring that topic up with their Deans.
  • Connie submitted a work order for the changing of the Nomination Form and Wil Perez completed the task. Everyone liked the new change to the Nomination Forms.
  • Connie asked if there were any question in which Kathy referred to a mathematical error in Connie’s notes (handed out before the meeting). Instead of $250, Connie put $225. Connie corrected the mistake.
New Business:
  • New Nomination Form is working. Connie has already received nine (9) November nominations, forwarded from HR, for the Cougar Award. All of the committee members were excited to learn that the new Nomination Form is working and that a similar format was used for the new faculty award, Learning Environment Award. This new award is mentioned in the Daily Bulletin and uses a nomination form similar to the Employee Recognition form, which the committee members took as a good indication that we made a good decision.
  • Juville brought up the question if the new award would come to us or Peter Dorman? Peter Dorman is believed to be in charge of this new award but Connie will email him to make sure. Connie received eight (8) nominations for the new award. She brought up that it will be best if the faculty were responsible for the faculty awards. Everyone agreed.
  • By-laws were shown to ensure the picking process is completed fairly and by the rules. Usually, only one recipient is nominated each month causing the By-laws to be unused. Connie read over the By-law to ensure clarification.
  • Debra asked what will happen to the other nominees after one is chosen for that month? Liz mentioned that we never had that problem because there usually is only one nominee per month. Everyone agreed that the name should continue to be in the drawing for the award. This will ensure the committee has nomination for month where no one nominates people. A subcommittee was formed to pick a winner for each month, then email decision to Connie. The faculty members, Cheryl Cunningham, Juville Dario-Becker, and Lisa Hodges, were chosen because they are not eligible to win the award.  Connie will send the nomination after the deadline on November 25, for the subcommittees review.
  • Liz pointed out that on the new Nomination Form; the drop-menu has “Outstanding Full-time Faculty” and “Outstanding Part-time Faculty” which is incorrect. The Outstanding Faculty should not be in the drop-down menu because the committee decided the Faculty should be responsible for the Faculty award. Connie repeated to the committee what need to be done, take off the drop-down menu the “Outstanding Full-time Faculty” and “Outstanding Part-time Faculty”, and then she agreed to put in a work order for Wil Perez to fix the mistake.
Meeting Adjourned: 1:35 pm
Caroline Bailey
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