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Employee Recognition Committee Meeting Minutes- January 20, 2015- Draft
Tuesday, January 20, 2015
Call to Order: 1:05 pm
Present: Debra Short, Liz Boothe, Connie Deacon, and Caroline Bailey
Absent: Juville Dario-Becker, John Poole, Cheryl Cunningham, Lisa Hodges, and Kathy Kidd
Old Business:
  • Approval of November 18, 2015 Meeting Minutes- Debra approved, Liz seconded.
  • The drop-box for the Nomination form has been corrected. It no longer has the Full-time/Part-time Faculty option. Connie showed the correction for the committee.
  • The question was brought up for the Employee of the Year can anyone be nominated? Liz answered yes, it can be anyone, faculty or staff. It has a higher amount awarded.
  • Everyone congratulated Debra on her Cougar Award. Connie stated that it was well-deserved. She was given the award at the Christmas Luncheon in December.
New Business:
  • Connie has received two nominations for December. The subcommittee will pick the nominee for December but keep the other one in the running for future Cougar Awards.
  • Connie will send out a nominee email for January.
  • Debra raised the question: Wouldn’t it look better if there was a staff member on the subcommittee? Connie stated that we approved the subcommittee to be only faculty because they cannot be chosen for the award. Also, Connie pointed out that many of the staff committee members have been nominated for the award and the subcommittee was formed to ensure those committee members did not know. Liz brought up that it would be beneficial to have a staff member to have fair representation on the subcommittee. Everyone agreed that one of the committee members that have already won the award can be on the subcommittee since they are out of the running. Further discussion should be address, when more committee members are in attendance, at the next meeting.
  • The two nominees will be passed on to the subcommittee, Cheryl, Lisa, and Juville, from Connie. They, then, will evaluate each candidate based on the criteria set out in the Cougar Award form. After, Connie will send them to a Vice President to pick a winner.
  • Liz asked about the Outstanding Faculty Award’s organization process. She wondered who established the committee to choose the next year’s recipient. It was unclear if the committee was formed in February or March and who formed the committee. Liz is concerned because when she was the chair, years ago, and it was her responsibility to email about forming the committee and she wants to make sure they follow the protocol for the award.  Also, she wanted to verify the period to ensure they have a committee established in a timely manner. Connie stated that the last recipient formed the committee. To give an example Connie searched for the past recipient. The last documented recipient, on the site, was Don Bowman in 2013-2014. Connie is going to make sure the most recent recipients of all awards are posted on the Employee Recognition Program’s site and find out the most recent recipient of the award.
Meeting Adjourned:
1:15 pm
Caroline Bailey
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