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Employee Recognition Committee Meeting Minutes- February 24, 2015
Tuesday, February 24, 2015
Call to Order 1:01 pm
Present: Cheryl Cunningham, Debra Short, Liz Boothe, Connie Deacon, and Caroline Bailey
Absent: Juville Dario-Becker, John Poole, Lisa Hodges, and Kathy Kidd
Old Business:
  • Last meeting's minutes were approved by Cheryl then seconded by Debra.
  • The Cougar Awards for December and January was discussed. Shannon Hines was the recipient for December and Priscilla Liggon was the recipient for January. Cheryl expressed how excited and appreciative Ms. Liggon was when she received the award.
  • A notice was sent out, notifying the CVCC community about the opportunity to nominate a colleague for the February Cougar Award. Connie already received several nominations and will forward the list to the subcommittee after the meeting. The system of keeping previous nominated candidates is working well. The list of nominees is substantial.
New Business:
  • Connie will send out notices for the other awards by Friday February 27, 2015. She will, also, notify Tim Wilhelm about assembling a committee for the Faculty award.
  • At the last meeting, allowing a staff member onto the subcommittee was discussed. Debra volunteered to be on the subcommittee since she has already won a cougar award, making her ineligible.
  • Debra volunteered to be the new recorder due to Caroline gaining full-time employment with another company.
Meeting Adjourned 1:14 pm
Caroline Bailey
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