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OCTOBER 5, 2017


MEMBERS IN ATTENDANCE:  Don Bowman, Randall Franklin, Gayle Kiger, Layia Perry, Debra Short, and Barbara Thurston

MEMBERS ABSENT:  Lisa Aiken, Ken Bunch, Xavier Retnam, and Will Sandidge

Item 1 – Debra Short will continue as Chairperson and Barbara Thurston volunteered as Recorder for the committee.

Item 2 – Services Awards:  There are 25 individuals who will be receiving a service award certificate at the annual Christmas luncheon.  Service awards are given to individuals (both full and part time) recognizing their years of service in 5 year increments. 

Item 3 – Appreciation Cupcakes:  It was unanimously agreed to continue from last year the cupcake event showing appreciation for the hard work and dedication of faculty and staff.  It was decided to hold the event the Wednesday before Thanksgiving.  Debra Short will check to see if the multi-purpose room will be available.  Details to follow.

Item 4 – Hot Dog Lunch:  Consideration is being given to hold a hot dog lunch for faculty and staff.  Possible dates are Wednesday, Thursday or Friday (April 30, March 1 or March 2).  We need to check on securing local funds to pay for the lunch.  Debra will check on room availability.


Submitted by Barbara Eubank Thurston​

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