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NOVEMBER 14, 2017


MEMBERS IN ATTENDANCE:  Randall Franklin, Gayle Kiger, Layia Perry, Xavier Retnam, Will Sandidge, Debra Short, and Barbara Thurston,

MEMBERS ABSENT:  Lisa Aiken and Ken Bunch

Debra Short convened the meeting at 1:00pm. 

Item 1 – On Thursday, November 16, the ERC will be hosting an appreciation event for faculty and staff.  Members of the committee will be providing cupcakes in Room 5118 from 11am to 1pm.  Information about the event will be emailed to faculty and staff and Dianne Sykes will be asked to post in the Daily Bulletin.

Item 2 – A brief discussion on the March 1 Hot Dog event for faculty and staff.  Debra will be reaching out to several individuals who may be able to get a good price on the hot dogs.  Lewis Bryant has offered to provide $300.00 towards the cost of the food.  Further discussion about perhaps providing some homemade desserts to add to the lunch.  There may also be other sources that can assist with some of the costs involved.

The meeting was adjourned at 1:28pm.

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