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Minutes of the Evaluation and Assessment Committee
The committee called the meeting to order on September 4, 2012 at 1 p.m. in Room 5210.

Members Present:
Peter Dorman, Joey Fronheiser, Lysa Holbrook, Carol Keeth Williams, Muriel Mickles, Lorna Nelson, Kristin Ogden (non-voting member), Gary Randolph, Xavier Retnam, and Pam Reynolds

Members Absent:
Lynn Dillard, Jeff Laub, James Lemons, Will Sandidge, and Cynthia Heying (non-voting member)

Old Business:
Agenda from the previous meeting on August 28 included nominating a chair and recorder for committee, receiving an update from Peter Dorman on faculty evaluations, and receiving an update from Joey Fronheiser on SACS.
The committee unanimously nominated Xavier Retnam to be chairperson. Gary seconded the nomination. The committee unanimously nominated Pam Reynolds as the recorder through January 2013. Lorna has offered to be recorder after that time. Lysa seconded the nomination.
Peter discussed the update from the faculty members about the faculty evaluations. At this time there were no comments. It was discussed there would be no feedback until the evaluation process is actually tried. Xavier suggested having a subcommittee for faculty evaluations. It was approved by the committee that at least one faculty member from each division and all three deans would be on the subcommittee. Peter was voted as chair of the subcommittee. The faculty members include Lysa Holbrook, Carol Keeth Williams, and Gary Randolph. Their first meeting should be in two weeks, September 18, and they will report their findings to the next committee meeting on October 2. Peter will be sending an email reminder to all faculty members and all deans on the subcommittee meeting on September 18.
Joey discussed the idea of course evaluations vs. faculty evaluations where they should fit together and should be on a yearly basis. We have different software for faculty evaluations and determining the feedback from the Faculty Evaluation subcommittee, David Lightfoot would be willing to try new software for the faculty evaluations.

New Business:
Kris Ogden, Research Analyst of Institutional Effectiveness and Strategic Planning, attended the meeting. Due to her role in assessments, the committee nominated her to be a non-voting member. Muriel seconded the nomination.
Joey discussed our program assessments and where we stand at this time. He will be creating a list of assessments and an assessment timeline to share with the committee. At this time, the survey is due and the committee will decide what will be the next step. Lysa questioned if there was a form for reviewing counseling. Joey discussed student evaluations and the idea of strategic planning with other committees and bringing in other committee members as needed. Suggestions were Financial Aid, Counseling, the Veterans Department, etc. Muriel agreed to the idea of expanding but at a later time. We can make these considerations as we move along.
Joey discussed the student outcomes for the assessments and explained the fact of needing more data in order to make improvements. We need to work with and support each division on getting more data for the academic program assessments.
Carol questioned if we were a policy recommendation vs. policy making committee. Gary suggested that before becoming a policy making committee we would need more attendance from our committee members so we would have as many voices as possible.
The committee suggested an agenda for our next meeting which will include the following:
·       Receiving and discussing Joey’s assessment list and timeline
·       Update from the subcommittee on faculty evaluations
Our next meeting will be October 2, 2012 at 1 p.m. in Room 5208.
Lysa motioned the meeting be adjourned at 2 p.m. Carol seconded the motion.
Minutes submitted by Pam Reynolds
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